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Welcome friendly readers! My name is Laurie and I'd like to acquaint you to my writing space where I share a taste of adventure, a sprinkling of short stories, inspirational tidbits and, to be honest, stuff you never thought you needed to know!  Hopefully, inspiring the sweet spot in you.

I live in Minnesota ~ Bold North Country ~ if you're not familiar with our state...and some might think, but it's just not true...we're not in a continuously frozen tundra. However, at least a good 3 months out of the year most of us grow snot icicles from our noses and the hair on our forearms thicken. Ha! 

Also, we're ranked #1 as the worst and most miserable state for the winter season, but on numerous occasions, Minnesota has made the list as one of the best states to live. All of this, of course, is something us Minnesotans are very proud to endure and embrace. If you find this interesting, you might like to read more of my Minnesota stories here at this link.

So, now that I’m an empty-nester with my daughter and son out finding their own place in the world, I'm realizing I'm knee deep in my midlife years and feel it’s time to get out there and start doing more “me” stuff!

After all these years, I've discovered that writing is a great creative and therapeutic outlet for me where I can turn my quirky humor and imagination into stories and then share on this website.  Recently, writing short fiction stories has been a new challenge for me and I share those here at short fiction stories

I'm also thrilled that I've had my writing published on other literary sites - Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop, Two Drops of Ink and Midlife Boulevard. And, especially thrilled to be a contributing author in the book, Feisty After 45. More info on the book can be found at this Amazon link.

Being a mom, seeking fun adventures, travel, hiking in nature, cooking, wine and enjoying a good laugh are some of my favorite things! And, of course, an unending love for dark chocolate! In addition, I love to be inspired by other people's writing and enjoy motivational or humorous quotes.

In fact, it was a little quote inside a wrapper of a "Dove" square of chocolate that gave me the inspiration to continue with my writing. The timing of this message "You're Right Where You're Supposed To Be," seemed fitting and along with my love for chocolate is how the blog name was created. 

To stay in touch and receive new stories as they are posted, please subscribe to my blog in the right sidebar or at the bottom of the blog page.  Subscribing doesn’t cost a thing and new posts arrive in your email, so you never miss a square or a smile.  

"If you want something you've never had, 
you have to do something you've never done."


It's simple, A Square Of Chocolate is meant to 
inform, inspire and entertain.

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