Jul 26, 2019

It’s True, Pets Can Make Us Cry Babies

Pop-Up Thoughts:

If you’re a pet owner or have ever had a connection to a pet in your life then you have experienced how they seem to find and settle into a special spot in your heart.  Admit it or not...they do!

I was a young girl when I lost my first pet, a poodle bulldog mix named Sparky. He was my buddy growing up and the most outstanding high jumper I’ve ever seen. Whenever someone came to visit and knocked at the back door, Sparky would leap high enough to the door’s window to get a quick look. Imagine being on the other side of the door and seeing those airlifted flying ears and doggy face popping up in the window like a jack-in-the-box. Sparky was just that... a little spark of joy for me.  At a young age, I was right there beside him when Sparky took his last breath. Needless to say, I was completely distraught. 

Now, fast forward about 45 years to my current dog, Lucy, who is going on 14 years old and has been a very healthy dog until this week when she got very sick.  Foolishly, I thought my older more mature self would be a little stronger and immune to the snotty and ugly cry for a pet. Frankly, I thought I’d have a better grasp of my emotions. 

Turns out, as I sat in the vet office clutching hands with my daughter, we were faced with some really hard decisions. While Lucy laid there miserable and struggling to breathe, I cried like a baby about to have her security blanket taken away.

Of course, what was I thinking!  I can’t even get through a sad dog movie without a tear-soaked face.  And, in case you’re not aware, once you reach midlife age, the eyes will even tear up when you find out someone ate the last brownie. So, who was I kidding?  I couldn’t power through this without shedding a tear!

All I thought about was what my days would be like without Lucy.  Of course, I’m very aware that life goes on and we adapt without our pet’s love and attention. I have many friends in recent years that have lost their pets and, in some cases, had to make the hard decision to let them go to pet heaven. I always understood and empathized with their heartbreak, even though my dog was at home happy and healthy.  So, could I really relate?

Honestly, I don’t think you can really know the feeling until your own heart is in the midst of a tailspin. 

You could argue that life can throw us much more difficult life or death scenarios, but no matter the situation, the emotions and heartache are real.  It’s nearly impossible to hold back the gut-punching tears for our furry friends. 

In case you’re wondering, I’m happy to report that Lucy’s close call to death’s door was averted and she rebounded like a true underdog hero. 

I, on the other hand, blew my snotty nose and wiped the tears away knowing full well that one day I’ll need to let go of my security blanket.  And, I’m positive the cry baby tears will return. 

It may surprise us, but we really can’t avoid the emotional connection to our pets.  They have a way of releasing our seemingly untapped tears...admit it or not, they just do!

Let’s just put it out there...raise your hand if a pet has ever turned you into a cry baby. 😭

Whatever pet you own, it’s okay; just know you’re not alone. We’ll all cry together and group-hug it out. 


“We are deeply sorry for the loss of anything - from your luggage to, 
of course, a loved pet.”  ~Oscar Munoz



  1. I've been there too, where I cried like a three year old. It's so hard, but I do think they leave a bit of themselves behind in our heart when they do have to go. But so glad it was a happy ending this time for Lucy!

    1. Completely agree, Jules! Thank you so much.


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