Feb 23, 2019

Who Wants to Polar Plunge?

Pop-Up Thoughts:

Here’s the deal and what’s on my mind today…if living through a Minnesota winter and a polar vortex isn’t enough torture (as some would see it), there are people that actually gather in droves in the freezing temps to jump in an ice-cold lake.  Some might think they would need their head examined or that the feeling of a thousand ice picks penetrating their body is somehow exhilarating.  

Personally, I’m quite content being bundled up in my boots, parka, mittens and hand warmers (best invention ever) while I watched from the sidelines as my son did the Polar Plunge into Minnesota’s Lake Superior.  This was all for a good cause, of course.  The money raised in donations every year is for the Special Olympics organization.

Polar Plunge event in Duluth, MN

There are people that take the plunge every year, because they truly do find it exhilarating, kind of fun, love the bragging rights, and enjoy the before and after parties. Or…simply they just need their head examined!  

Clearing the ice from Lake Superior in Duluth, MN

Below is a picture of the rescue crew.  Ya know…just in case.  I’ve only heard this, since I’ve never been stupid brave enough to do the plunge, but for some plungers, the shock of the cold water can, not only be leg-numbing, but probably gives the feeling of lugging 50 pound icebergs when trying to run like hell out of the freezing lake.  I watched as some people needed to be assisted out of the lake. Thank goodness this squad of trained professionals was there to help.  And, no worries for the rescue crew, we were told their suits are pumped with warm air to keep a normal body temperature.  SMART!

Polar Plunge Rescue Crew

So, Mister O and I stood for an hour or so, in 17 degree temps, waiting for my son and his college buddies to come out in their shorts and t-shirts, along with a line up of many others in similar outfits or kooky costumes.

I wasn't able to capture any pictures, because by this time my phone had froze up!  Luckily, I was able to put it in my mitten along with my hand warmers and warm it up. I rebooted it just in time to capture my son's jump on video. 

Let me add, that Mister O was the first one in our family, some years ago, to do the plunge, and then a few years later, my daughter did it.  So, now that my son has conquered and survived the icy drink, I've been outnumbered and have been challenged to make it the "Family Frozen Four." To that, I continue to say "Hell NO!"

I'll proudly accept the "chicken" label and stand from the sidelines and enjoy the view.

My view and the collection of ice chunks along the Lake Superior shoreline.

As I mentioned, I was able to get a short video below of my son's cannon ball plunge.  If you're going to take the plunge, might as well do it with an icy SPLASH! 

My son is the one in the yellow shirt.

His take on the experience afterwards. 

"It was a lot easier than I thought it would be."

Yeah, right 😕 

I asked him to give me a description of how it felt.  

"The cold water felt like a lightening bolt waking up Frankenstein!"


So, my pop-up thought💭for the day.....



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