Dec 21, 2018

Short Story Series: Stiletto Lies & Disco Dilemmas {Part Three}

This is the Final Part Three and continuation of a short story series Stiletto Lies & Disco Dilemmas

Here is the link to {Part One} and {Part Two} in case you missed it.

*As a reminder:  be on the lookout for phrases describing shoulders, which were inspired by a few reading friends. I used their suggested descriptions in the story and they’re highlighted in purple. Their ideas were prompted from an earlier request posted on my Facebook page.

Also, the story was inspired using these word prompts: stilettos, disco, lake, marriage, champagne and chocolate.

Stiletto Lies & Disco Dilemmas {Part Three}

By: Laurie Oien

The conversation on the drive over to the ballroom was only a few mumbled words.  The unspoken thoughts between them neared the agonizing level.  Roxanne’s mind spinning on rewind and Wesley’s was on fast forward wondering how this night might roll out. One thing was for sure, he needed to put the green-eyed monster back in the closet and keep his mouth shut.  Roxanne, on the other hand, was striving to remember the last time Wesley called her Foxy Roxy…he hadn’t used that pet name in ages.

They got the car parked and entered the Crystal Terp lobby from the parking ramp.  Roxanne felt the city life buzzing around her and the festive lights were a sight to behold.  People were gathered at the ballroom entrance in shimmering sequins, silver sparkles and glittery dresses, which were all clustered together forming what looked like a human disco ball all of its own.  The men didn’t hold back on their attire either. White suits, sports coats, various ties of all colors, and a few guys wearing silk shirts.  One guy had his unbuttoned far enough to show the gold chains cascading down his chest.

“Look, Wesley, the crowd is pretty glitzy and disco-ready this evening, aren’t they?”

“Yeah, a real trip down funky town.” Wesley teased.

Once inside the ballroom, Roxanne noticed the mood was set with low lighting, a few disco balls spinning from the ceiling creating a flood of twinkling rotating spots over the dance floor.  Gold and silver streamers wrapped around beams, glitter and ribbons scattered the tables.  The DJ was already playing Boogie Wonderland, but no one had been brave enough to get on the dance floor. Guests were still mingling and greeting each other.  That would change after some liquid courage, she figured.

Wesley eyed the champagne fountain, “Would you like a glass of champagne, Roxy?”

Roxanne was dazzled by the offer.  “Absolutely!” A little champagne to calm her nerves wouldn’t hurt.  She stood on the parameter of the dance floor inspecting the room to see if she recognized anyone.  She had only met a couple of Wesley’s co-workers, so she was a bit shy to move about on her own.

“Well hello there, you’re looking like a lost little bird.”  A voice came from behind.

Roxanne turned to see the guy she had seen earlier wearing the black silk shirt and gold chains. “Hello,” she responded.

“I don’t recognize you as a Press employee, my name is Earl, have we met before?”

“No, I don’t work at the Press; I’m Wesley Rosewood’s wife.  My name is Roxanne.”  By her first impressions, Earl appeared to be an odd character and probably trying a little too hard with gold chains and all.  He did seem harmless and presented a polite demeanor.

“Ahh…good ole Wes…I had no idea he had such a beautiful wife,” he said. “From the looks of it, quite fashionable too,” Earl ogled her dress.

Roxanne smiled in response, and then off in the distance she caught a glimpse of Wesley making his way back; glass of champagne in hand and a concerning look on his face.

“So, Roxanne, I couldn’t help noticing you are a lady in red this evening.  I’m thinking you’d look pretty spiffy sitting in a red Mustang.” Earl gave a wink.  “As a matter of fact, I just happen to have a collector’s model 1969 red Must…”

Wesley barged between them interrupting, “Hey there Earl, I see you’ve wasted no time meeting my wife.”

Roxanne spotted a mistrustful tone in his voice through gritted teeth.

“Oh, hey good to see ya Wes, yes I’ve had the pleasure of meeting your wife.  Where have you been hiding her?”  Earl jested.

Roxanne remarked, “Wesley, Earl was just telling me about his 1969 Mustang.”

Wesley recalled this was his usual anecdote when talking with the ladies. “Yes, I’m aware of his Mustang…well, Earl, it was nice meeting up with you, but I think we’re going to find our table.  Maybe we’ll see ya around later.”

Roxanne felt Wesley’s hand on her back directing her away from Earl to another part of the room.  “You didn’t have to be so impolite, Wesley,” she reacted.

“I’m sure he’s harmless, Roxy, but this is exactly what I was afraid of.”

“Afraid of,” she asked?

Wesley was reminded he needed to watch his words and answered, “Oh nothing to worry yourself about…look, people are starting to get out and dance.”

Roxanne remained suspicious of his remarks and the puzzle pieces were starting to make some sense.  Right then she had a moment of clarity.  Of course, Foxy Roxy…the last time he called her that was when they spent a very romantic weekend at the lake cabin.  It was all coming back to her. They had a wonderful dinner at a fancy restaurant and she had worn a lacy off-white dress with red flower accents, a lace slip and panties underneath and – oh my goodness, RED – STILETTO – SHOES. The very ones she was wearing tonight.

Right then the song, That’s The Way I Like It started beating through the sound system and party-goers hurried to the dance floor.

“C’mon should we dance to this one?” Wesley asked in delight.

Roxanne still stuck on her new discovery and its connection hadn’t responded to Wesley’s request until he practically pulled her out to the dance floor.  It didn’t take long to change gears and before long they were shaking their booty and grinning ear to ear.

They boogied, spun around and cut loose like a couple of teenagers. Roxanne’s heart pounded to the thump of the music, while her legs moved and gyrated to the beat. Wesley was keeping right up with her too.  He strutted his stuff like a disco superstar.  They kept right on dancing up to Donna Summer’s song Bad Girls.

“This one is my favorite,” she yelled to Wesley!

He gave her the thumbs up, grabbed her hand and gave her a spin on her stiletto heels.

More people crowded the dance floor and the atmosphere felt euphoric with rhythm as the crowd sang along to the melody and harmony of the music.

Afterward, the DJ slowed it down with Barry White – Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe. Wesley clutched her waist, pulled her close with *his broad shoulders and strong arms wrapping her in a firm, but gentle cocoon of love.

Roxanne looked up to his gaze with a feeling of déjà vu. “Thank you for dancing with me, Wesley. I’m having a lovely time and it reminds me of that time we spent at the lake cabin.”

Wesley shot a look of surprise like a boy uncovering his first chest hair. He embraced her tight and gave her a tender kiss.

Once the song ended it felt like the perfect time to take a break and get a re-fill on champagne.

They departed the dance floor hand in hand and didn’t get far before Earl greeted them at the floor’s edge. “Mighty fine dancing you two. Roxanne, you looked like twinkle toes out there.” 

Wesley felt it brewing...knew it wasn’t right, but he had to give Earl a firm piece of his mind. “Earl, I’ll bet there’s a single and AVAILABLE lady out there who’d appreciate your attention a whole lot more!”

Wesley didn’t even give Earl a chance to respond before turning and walking away. Roxanne chased behind.

“Wesley...Wesley wait-up. What was that all about - it was very rude,” Roxanne snapped. 

“Sorry Roxy, but he keeps sniffing and lingering around us – specifically around you!”

Roxanne sat him down at a nearby table. “Listen, Wesley, we’ve been together long enough that I can spot when you’re having a little jealous streak,” she said. "In fact, it finally dawned on me why you planned to keep me from wearing these stilettos tonight.”

Wesley looked confused. “What...we’re back to this. I apologized for that.”

She looked sincerely into his eyes and explained. “I remembered the romantic weekend we spent at the lake cabin and I’m guessing you had remembered it before I did this week.” 

Roxanne placed her hand on his knee and caressed the firmness of his leg. “I was wearing these same shoes on that special night.  When I found them in my closet with the intent to wear them to this party; you had a moment of déjà vu too…didn’t you?"

Wesley feeling a bit foolish tried to pull away from her gaze.

Roxanne persisted by adding, “What I don’t understand or what I’m confused about, Wesley, is that I had no idea how passionate you felt about a pair of shoes.”

Wesley realizing the gig was up he remarked, “Roxy, it wasn’t just the shoes alone…it was the whole package and the memory of that night and how we connected like never before.”

By this time, the music had stopped and the DJ was on break.  All they heard from their table were people chattering like they were in a far off distant tunnel.  His focus was on Roxanne as she listened with softness in her eyes.  Her sweet and spicy red lips drew him in.

Roxanne took his hand, her voice thoughtful and considerate said, “I’m glad you lovingly adored that moment too, but provoking you to act like an over-protective schoolboy was kind of over the top, Wesley.  You have to know that whatever dress, shoes, or outfit I decide to wear is to first-off make myself feel good and if it should happen to please you then that's great too.  But, it would be my intention to please you and ONLY you.”

“Point taken, Roxy, but I wasn’t worried about you, it’s guys like Earl that bothered me.”

“Really, that’d be Earl, the guy with the silk blouse and gold chains.”  Roxanne laughed.

They both laughed and gave each other a kiss and a hug.

The music ramped up again and the timing couldn’t have been better…the song Super Freak boomed over the speakers.  Almost in sync with the "super freak" lyrics, Earl walked by and gave them a wave.  Wesley and Roxanne burst out laughing and bounced out to the dance floor.

They enjoyed the rest of the party with a wonderful dinner, drank champagne and danced to all their disco favorites…Stayin’ Alive, Knock On Wood, Disco Inferno, and Love Train until they both glistened with sweat.  

Wesley’s dance moves dipped and spun her around the dance floor like a pro.  At one point, Wesley *stood as tall and hard as the 100-year-old Oak tree that stood erect at the lake cabin – just like she had remembered…and his substantial shoulders welcomed the load as he hoisted her up from the dance floor and she slid down his frame like a draped silken scarf.

The night closed with Dancing Queen and Roxanne proved she could dance the whole night in her red stiletto shoes.  However, her feet may feel differently in the morning.  It was definitely a holiday party and night to remember.  Their fevered affection spilled over at home into the late evening hours and Wesley, once again, was back in good graces with his Foxy Roxy.

The following week was slow moving after their the disco dance-a-thon, but the good news was the holiday party added a new reacquainted spark and a better understanding of their marriage. Roxanne's new year's resolution was to get her closet organized and Wesley's was to back off on the nachos.

It was New Year’s Day morning and Roxanne entered the kitchen for her morning coffee when she saw a shoebox on the counter with a red envelope resting on top.  She lifted the lid of the box and saw her red stilettos.  Inside the envelope was a golden heart.  She opened it with a girlish grin as it read.  

To: Foxy Roxy the Dancing Queen

You’re cordially invited to a weekend away at the
Romantic Lake Cabin, Moonlight Bay
dinner, drinks, and music will be provided.

BYOS (Bring Your Own Stilettos)

From: Wesley the Super Freak (wink)


Enjoy This Video to Reminisce

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Friends and Family!

Story Dedication To:  Danielle, Anna and Julie
You're all Dancing Queens in my book!

Indulging In the Write Stuff 



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