Dec 20, 2018

Short Story Series: Stiletto Lies & Disco Dilemmas {Part Two}

This is Part Two and continuation of a short story series Stiletto Lies & Disco Dilemmas

Here is the link to {Part One} in case you missed it.

Stiletto Lies & Disco Dilemmas {Part Two}

By: Laurie Oien

Wesley retrieved a large trash bag and began clearing the shoe boxes stacked outside the closet. He was shocked at the number of shoe boxes and how Roxanne had actually made the decision to donate them all.  Still stewing over the red stilettos, he wondered why she couldn’t wear a pair from her donation pile. Why did it have to be those stilettos she was so insistent to wear to the holiday party?

Frustrated by the situation, he bent down to finish packing up the last row of boxes when he noticed a light from inside the closet shining down like a beacon directly onto one lonely box; almost like it were a Batman signal or something. Holy Stilettos, that’s it! 

A sly thought crept in looking at the shoebox in the closet then swiftly back at the pile of boxes he had just bagged up.  Boom! A brilliant idea had struck like a bolt of lightning.  He had a perfect scheme to make those stilettos mysteriously disappear. It was so easy.  He was only doing what he was asked to do. The instructions were clear; bag up the shoe boxes and bring them to the donation drop-off. It was only logical he would grab every box in the area.  How could he know the difference from one box to the other? 

Naturally, Roxy would be furious once she realized her special stilettos were gone. But, he knew from years of marriage, when she was scorned there were only two ways out. First, declare he only did what he was asked to do and admit ignorance. Using ignorance in any marital snag may leave him in the doghouse for a few days, but he would make it up in other ways.  First, they’d go shopping and buy her a new pair.  They would be much less sexy and far more appropriate for his office holiday party.  Second, he would turn on his extra charm; lure her with sweet talk and give her a mind-blowing body massage.  This would certainly get him back in her good graces before the night of the party.  She’d be so swept off her feet; she’d forget about those red stilettos and have a great time at the party.  It would be a win-win for both of them.

To avoid being caught red-handed, he looked discretely over his shoulder making sure he was alone.  Coolly, he inched the bag already stuffed with shoe boxes closer and closer to the closet entrance.  Methodically, like a cat burglar stealing jewels, his hand connected and in a blink of an eye the stiletto shoe box slipped into the bag seemingly without intention.

The deed was done.  He took a peek inside the box just to make darn sure the goods were still inside.  He couldn’t chance any stupid mishaps. The jewels (shoes) were nestled and intact.  Fingers brushed along the red satin and his thoughts drifted off to the curvy length of her calf then tenderly sweeping higher to her outer thigh.  It felt like velvet draped over a pillowy cloud.  The white lace snugged the contour of her buttocks like a crescent moon among the stars.  Wow, get a grip there Wesley! He snapped from his daydream vision with a quick shake of his head. Yep, that night at the lake cabin still seared in his memory and exactly why these shoes can’t make an appearance at his holiday work party.  They needed to make a disappearing act and QUICK!

With the bag hoisted over his *strong sculpted shoulder, Wesley made his way out the front door still pondering his next plan.

“Oh good, you got them all bagged up!  You’d better get them to Goodwill before I change my mind, Wesley.  If they sit around any longer, I may end up sneaking a few pairs back into the closet.”  Roxanne giggled.

Wesley with a guilty side-eye said, “Oh we can’t have that, now Roxy, it’s time to turn the other cheek….I mean turn a new leaf and part from this old stuff.”

Instantly, Roxanne felt encouraged to go shopping for new styles. “You’re right honey, time to bring in the new.”

Plopping the bulging bag of shoes in the middle of the garage floor, he had a cramping feeling in his belly.  He was certain it wasn’t bubbled up gas from the nachos he ate earlier.  In fact, his labored breathing felt more like a panic attack and the gnawing pangs were a feeling of regret.  It didn’t help one box, in particular, was sitting starkly on top of the heap.  It was strange, almost as if it were crying out to him like a weird episode from The Twilight Zone.

“Damn you stilettos!” He was having second thoughts about his plan…maybe this WAS going too far.  Roxy did love these shoes and besides if he did discard them, he may never have another lake cabin moment ever again.

Realizing he needed another day to think about it, he brought the bag of shoes in the tool shed and shoved them in the back corner.  Roxy would never find the bag in there.  The last time she used a tool was when she needed a screwdriver to fish out a hoop earring from the garbage disposal.  Oh, this was classic resourceful Roxy…but it worked!

Giving his plan a day to simmer brought some relief, so he proceeded to the family room to catch the game and maybe squeeze in a nap.  This whole shoe scheming thing was exhausting. 

Roxanne had been busy putting up Christmas decorations around the house and was feeling very spirited and pretty proud knowing she had found her red stilettos.  She was going to be the Disco Queen for sure!  She hadn’t been out dancing for quite some time and was excited to get her dance legs back in boogie mode…just like the old days.  She remembered it like yesterday.  Doing the bump, the hustle and shaking her booty to KC and the Sunshine Band.

To get in the mood, she plugged in her iPhone and selected a disco theme playlist and pushed play.  Ever since Joey left for college, she hadn't a chance to dance around the house and be footloose and fancy-free.  So, it was about time for this disco mama to get down and get funky. And, how about that, the first song that began playing was Donna Summer singing Bad Girls.

“Ahh perfect, this will get me in the naughty, but nice Christmas mood.”  She laughed out loud.

She twisted and twirled her way through the house putting up lights, setting up the winter wonderland houses and placed her collection of Santa figurines on shelves and side tables.  With a little disco arm swing and a shimmy of the hips, she reached for the Santa tapestry she had just bought for the season and decided to hang it over the side chair near the Christmas tree.  That’s when she realized she needed a hammer and a small nail to get it hung.

Roxanne walked over to the top of the stairs and called out, “Wesley…Wesley, can you help me?”

The only sound she heard was a lung surge of gusty breathing followed by a muffled moan that sounded like a contorted bear holed up for the winter. Roxanne knew there was no sense in waking him from his snoring slumber; she had already asked him to bag up her shoes today and knew she could certainly handle a hammer for Pete’s sake.

She figured it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a hammer and nail in the tool shed.  His toolbox contained lots of things she didn’t have a clue about, but she did know what a hammer looked like.  She opened the door to the tool shed, pulled the chain hanging nearby to switch on the light and immediately spotted Wesley’s toolbox sitting on the bench.  She opened and closed the drawers, which displayed a lot of tool what-nots, but no hammer.  Lastly, she unhitched the latches and opened the top and voila there it was and to her chagrin was a box of nails sitting right next to it.  Sweet, that was easy.

Feeling pretty Bad Girl and all full of herself she reached for the chain to switch off the light when she noticed the bulging bag stuffed in the corner.  Her investigative eye stared intensely wondering if it could possibly be the same bag Wesley had collected her shoes in.  She thought he had already dropped those off at Goodwill. Apparently, he hadn’t and like most household chores, he decided to procrastinate on this one.

She was about to shrug it off when she thought it wouldn’t hurt to go through the shoes one more time and just make absolutely sure she hadn’t turned away a pair she may want to keep.  In her defense, she did tell Wesley to take them away before she changed her mind.

Roxanne put the hammer and nails down and yanked on the bag to get a better look inside.  Pulling the gathered drawstring, she noticed the very first box on top was suspiciously familiar looking.  Again, her investigative mind was thinking no way, but her gut was screaming something entirely different…in what stinkin’ shoe hell are my red stilettos doing in the donation bag!!

Roxanne lifted the lid on the box and sure enough, her red stilettos were snuggly in place and she was curiously troubled as to why Wesley had put them in the donation bag.  She had had the feeling he wasn’t really thrilled about the holiday party, but not exactly sure why…maybe it was the disco dancing part.  He wasn’t much for dancing, but confiscating her special stiletto shoes was a new low for him.  She felt a flaming tension run up her chest and fury of anger traveled to her neck flushing her cheeks.  All of this collided with her auburn colored hair giving an image of a raging “Bad Girl” on fire.

She clutched the shoe box and on her way out the door, she turned back to snatch up the hammer.  She wasn’t sure why but felt having it in her hand gave her extra leverage to a sure hell-fired spousal shakedown.

Clamoring to the box and the hammer she quick-stepped down the stairs and without skipping a beat she bellowed, “Wesley Franklin Rosewood why did you take my stilettos?”

Shaken from his holed up winter’s nap, Wesley awoke with a startle. His first reaction was to tug at his shirt that had crept half-way up his belly while he flopped like a hungry seal searching for a bucket of sardines.  As soon as he was able to focus, he saw Roxanne standing over the couch with a hammer in one hand and a shoe box in the other.

“Christ sakes Roxy what the hell is going on?”  He knew when she hollered out his full name in its entirety, he was probably in deep shit.  And, from the looks of her holding a hammer, he most certainly was in deep, deep shit.

“Wesley, I found my stiletto shoes out in the tool shed in the same bag you were supposed to take to Goodwill today.  Please tell me why, why, why they were in there?”

He was just coming out of a sleeping fog stupor and couldn’t quite recall what he had planned to tell her.  While he was stammering for an answer, Roxanne interjected.

“I just don’t understand, Wesley, are you embarrassed by me.  Is that why you don’t want me wearing these shoes?”  She was starting to get choked up.

“Oh for goodness sake Roxy, I am not embarrassed by you…far from it!”

“Then what is it?” Her fiery rage was melting into an emotional plea. “Is it because you don’t want to dance?  I know I get a little carried away about wanting to dance more, but why would you take my shoes?”

Wesley was in unexpected position and didn’t want to tell her the real reason for taking the shoes.  Besides she was holding a hammer. Not a good time to tell the truth. Gradually, his plan and the excuse he had conjured was all coming back to him.

“I- I- I did what you told me to do.  I bagged up all the shoe boxes...just like you said.  Sorry, but I don’t know the difference between one box from the other.”

“Oh Wesley Franklin, don’t play the ignorant card with me on this one!” Roxanne said.

Clinging to anything positive, Wesley detected she had said only his first and middle name this time, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet.

“You’re right Roxy, that’s it…I just don’t dance as well as you.”  Wesley knew, of course, he was a pretty damn good dancer, but he had to wiggle out of this somehow.

“And, you thought taking my shoes was a good idea?”  She continued.  “Listen, I understand you may feel self-conscious about dancing, but taking my shoes won’t stop me from having a good time!”

“You’re right…I don’t know what I was thinking.”  Wesley stroked his face in dismay.

Roxanne had now softened her stance, lowered the hammer by her side, but held out the shoe box as if she were giving her last ruling on the case.

“Well, I’m going to wear these shoes with my new dress and try to enjoy this holiday party.  You can either be a bah-hum-bug bump on a log or you can join me for what could be a very romantic evening…your choice!”

Roxanne turned on her heels and marched out of the room.

Wesley slumped on the couch feeling wrung out, but harshly awakened to his reality. He should have paid more attention to his earlier gut instinct.  Again, not the gut bomb nachos he ate, but that being a jealous jackass never ended well.

The holiday party was in a few days and one thing was for certain, it was time to turn on the Wesley charm.

The mirror doesn’t lie and for once Roxanne liked her reflection.  Getting glammed up was exactly what she needed after feeling pretty down this week from her squabble with Wesley. She continued to be puzzled by his behavior.  She stepped back a few feet from the full-length mirror and imagined she was walking the fashion runway.  Roxanne twirled, poked out her hip and flashed a bright smile at herself.  She had to admit the whole ensemble looked pretty hot.  The red stilettos completed the look.  But, of course, she knew that.

“Donna Summer, eat your heart out.” Roxanne giggled.

Something was still bothering her about Wesley’s reasoning for taking her shoes.  It just didn’t make sense.  If he felt uncomfortable dancing at this party, why hadn’t he just told her so…why would he take her shoes?  After all, wearing a different pair wouldn’t stop her from dancing or wanting to dance with him.  If memory serves her, he’s always liked dancing…maybe he didn’t like the way she danced.  His conduct over these shoes seemed over-the-top weird.

She didn’t want to spoil their time at the party, but she wasn’t ready to put this behind her.  His showering of niceties and charm this week helped, but flowers and chocolate wouldn’t deter her from getting to the bottom of his real motives.

“Holy hot mama, aren’t you a gorgeous sight my Foxy Roxy!”  Wesley whistled.

Roxanne couldn’t help to give a shy grin.  “Thanks, Wesley.”

Wesley admired the soft upsweep of her auburn hair and how the loose curls floated on the nape of her neck directing his eye to the plunge of her red dress exposing the svelte wisp of her back.

“You’re looking pretty handsome yourself.” Roxanne couldn’t help noticing Wesley looking very George Clooney like with finely groomed salt and pepper hair and a swagger to his posture.

Wesley scanning her curvaceous body as if with x-ray vision said, “The shoes look great too.”  His tone was remorseful.

“Appreciate that, Wesley.”  His compliments were nicely received, but something continued to be off about the whole matter. Wesley leaned in to rub her elbow and guided her out the door, “Alright Foxy Roxy, you Bad Girl let’s get this party started.”

End of Part Two ~ To Be Continued

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