Dec 19, 2018

Short Story Series: Stiletto Lies & Disco Dilemmas {Part One}

Welcome to a short story fiction series in three parts. Each part is about a 10 minute read and can easily fit into a busy schedule.  It's a fun way to take a break, get away from the norm, relax and be transported into a fictional tale of dilemma, drama and romance from a different character’s perspective. Hopefully, each part in the series will leave you wanting more. 

Inside the Writer’s Corner ~ 
Particular word prompts inspired this story and they are: stilettos, disco, lake, marriage, champagne and chocolate. Watch for them throughout the story. 

Also, for some reader interactive fun, be on the lookout for phrases describing shoulders, which were inspired by a few reading friends. I used their suggested descriptions in the story and they’re highlighted in purple. Their ideas were prompted from an earlier request posted on my Facebook page. Thank you Danielle, Anna and Julie, it was so great having your input to the story building.

Stiletto Lies & Disco Dilemmas {Part One}

By: Laurie Oien

Roxanne was more determined than ever to find those red stilettos. On her hands and knees with head buried deep in her walk-in closet, she looked like a bloodhound nosing out lost evidence.  She couldn’t remember the last time she wore them, but she was certain in the years of stockpiling shoes she hadn’t donated or tossed them away.  They had to be somewhere in the collection of shoe boxes forming a layer of event-deprived dust in her closet. She flipped off tops of boxes revealing their contents and began pulling each box aside one by one to build a pile of rejections behind her. 

Angry slurs puffed under her breath.  She was annoyed with herself for not organizing her closet in all this time.  What was the rule the professional organizer preached about on Oprah? Oh yeah, if you haven’t worn it for a year, you probably won’t wear it again.  Get rid of it.  Clearly, she never followed that rule.  But, now as she looked at her treasure trove of shoes, she felt guilty they weren’t serving their purpose on someone else’s feet.  She carefully put them aside to make a donation pile.

Not giving up on her current mission, she pushed deeper into the closet.  Come hell or high water she was going to find those stilettos.  They would go perfectly with the red sequined dress she bought for Wesley’s holiday office party.

Wesley had left the golden scrolled invitation on the counter a week ago and she could barely contain her excitement to open it.  This wasn’t going to be the same old boring holiday office party… it was going to be a disco themed party. My god after 25 years of marriage she and Wesley had never been invited to a theme party, much less a disco party. Wesley’s new job as the Advertising Manager at the Minneapolis Press had been quite a change from his previous job. He had mostly worked for companies in the medical and pharmaceutical field.  Lord those holiday parties were stuffy and boring.  It was like being in a room where everyone sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher…wha, wha, wha.

The medical jargon seeped into every conversation as effortlessly as peeing in a cup.  Take that back…that wasn’t always easy to do if your pee aim was off. And, it certainly wasn’t easy for her to make conversation with these people.  She’d usually find herself standing with a blank stare wondering how she could discuss topics including anything between hemorrhoid creams to beta-blockers and still try to sound clever.

Just then, Wesley walked in the bedroom and turned the corner to see Roxanne’s healthy round bottom positioned straight up to the heavens. He hadn’t seen that side of her in quite a long time. He took a moment to gaze upon the perfect plumpness before asking, “What in sweet heaven are doing in there?”

Roxanne grunted a response, “Oh, hi there Wesley. I’m trying to find those red stiletto shoes of mine.”

Wesley’s eyes twinkled remembering the red stilettos she spoke of. In wishful anticipation to hear the answer he asked, “Why you looking for those?”

“They’ll go great with the red sequined dress I’m wearing for the holiday party,” she said.

Not the answer he had hoped to hear, but he asked, “My office holiday party?”

“Of course, your office party silly…there’s no other holiday party,” Roxanne said.

Wesley’s apprehension wasn’t about going to the party, but for her wearing those red stilettos to the party.  It was simply out of the question.

“Aha, I found them!” Roxanne declared.

Roxanne crawled out from under the mounds of mayhem and proudly raised the red stilettos in the air like they were being blessed by the shoe gods.

“I knew I still had these beauties!” She said cheerfully.

Wesley remembered those beauties too, but it didn’t seem apparent Roxanne had the same memory.

Wesley hoping to refresh her memory asked, “Roxy, I haven’t seen those in long time. Do you remember when you last wore them?”

Roxanne poured her gaze over the red satin shoes trying to remember the last time they graced her feet.

“Oh yeah, I remember,” she said.

Wesley’s eyebrow cocked up a notch.

“I wore them for Sally’s wedding,” she said. “Remember?”

Wesley’s eyebrow slouched down a notch.  Yes, she had worn those to Sally’s wedding, but it wasn’t the last time she wore them.

“So, you think that’s the last time you wore them, huh?” Wesley explored her eyes for the proper answer.

Roxanne picking herself up off the closet floor, held tight to the stilettos like they were made of glass.  “Yeah, pretty sure it was the special event I bought them for.  Go figure, they didn’t bring special luck for Sally. She’s divorced now.”

The event Wesley had been thinking of was not Sally’s wedding, but the night they stayed at the lake resort in northern Minnesota.  It must have been 5 years ago now, but he’d never forget it.

“Are you sure those shoes will match your dress?”  Wesley knowing Roxanne’s detail for color coordination thought this might derail her plan.  “I mean, aren’t they two different shades of red?”

Roxanne threw him the stink eye and scampered over to where the dress hung over the back of the bedroom door.  She held up the shoes to the dress scrutinizing the colors and responded with delight.  “I knew they’d match perfectly!”

Wesley’s hopes for a fashion blunder had failed, so he had to come up with another plan.  Just telling Roxanne she couldn’t wear those specific shoes to the party would certainly cause a conflict.  He had learned over the years when it came to giving style advice, his fiery fashionista wife knew better and he would surely lose. After all, she is the merchandise buyer for Betty’s Boutique in their small suburban town and when it came to fashion and style, Roxy was up to speed on all the chic trends.

This left him with a dilemma.  How could he tell her not to wear those specific shoes to his work party?  He certainly didn’t want her to dress down or look frumpy, but those shoes were meant for his eyes only.  He didn’t want the guys from the office to get any distorted ideas.

He was probably making a mountain out of a mole hill and realized his jealousy was showing its ugly head again, which usually never ended well.  However, bearing in mind the sensual suggestion of those shoes, it wouldn’t be appropriate for her to wear them to his holiday party.

Roxanne slipped the shoes on, held the dress from its hanger and brought it up close to her body admiring her image in the mirror. She moved back and forth giving the dress a swing, lifted her leg and gave a stiletto heel kick as if she were doing a glamor pose for the paparazzi.

“Look Wesley, even after putting on a little weight these shoes still fit like they did 10 years ago and they still have a sexy kick too.”

That sexy little kick brought back visions of his Foxy Roxy. This was exactly what he was afraid of. He didn’t want the wannabe Romeo’s from the press room to see that side of her and get perverted notions about his wife.

Especially Earl. Even with his sparse comb-over and tobacco-stained teeth, Earl had an extra flirtatious manner with the women. Earl didn’t care if the women were married and that their husbands were only an ear-shot away.  He’d carry on about his collector Mustang and brag suggestively about how his “wild horse” gave good rides.  Pathetic.  Earl never seemed to be a threat, but knowing he might be bug-eyed over Roxy justified his reasoning to somehow keep her from wearing those sexy shoes. 

Roxanne chimed, “Oh Wesley I’m so excited for this disco party. It’s going to be so fun to get all dressed up. I just hope I can still dance in these high heels.”

“Ahhh, well maybe you shouldn’t chance it Roxy. You don’t want your feet sore and miserable all night. You should wear a more comfortable style. Like a cute pair of sneakers or something,” Wesley prodded.

“Are you absolutely nuts? I can’t twirl on the dance floor to Dancing Queen wearing sneakers!”  Roxanne’s face contorted like she just ate a sour pickle.

And there it was….the fiery response he was trying to avoid.  Wesley retracted and knew he had to find a way to mysteriously make those shoes disappear. 

Roxanne took the shoes off and placed them carefully back in the box like a fine china doll.  Wesley watched her flutter about the room as if she were Cinderella getting ready for the ball.  Ever so gently, she hung the dress back up on the hook, glided like an angel back to the shoe box, picked them up and returned the box inside the closet.

She turned to look at the stack she had formed outside the closet. “Wesley would you be a dear and bag up the shoes I’ve piled there. I decided to donate them – I really won’t be wearing them anymore.  There’s no sense putting them back in the closet.”

“At your service Cinderella,” he said with a wink.

Roxanne responded by blowing a kiss and she left the room.

Left standing over a stack of shoes and the chore of cleaning them up, Wesley thought he should’ve never walked into this messy situation in the first place. But, here he stood right smack in the middle of a shoe conundrum and now he had to come up with a plan to resolve it.

End of Part One ~ To Be Continued
{Part 2 Here}


  1. Uh-oh. Are you thinking what I'm thinking . . .

  2. Hmmm. this sounds like a racy story in the making!

    1. Hmmm depends on your level of racy. Shouldn't make you blush too much. :)

  3. A great read so far! I’ve been reading this on my phone as I sit here waiting for lunch at Applebee’s. I used to have a pair of red high heel Mary Jane style stilettos. I donated them. Now I miss them after reading this!

    1. Well, that's quite a coincidence isn't it. Thanks for reading and keep your shoes on...the plot thickens. ;)

  4. A very good start...Can't wait to read more:)

    1. Thanks cuz for your's all in fun. Hope you'll be entertained.


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