Dec 16, 2018

Coming Soon: Short Story Fiction Series

Announcing and coming soon, I’ll be trying something a little different in my short story writing. I’ll be sharing a short fiction series in 3 parts. It will be posted here on the blog with each part in the series being about a 10-15 minute read. Each part will be posted on a different day leading you to the story climax.

Short stories are becoming more popular as many readers are finding less time for reading novels in their busy schedules.  Squeezing in a 10 minute read is a fun way to take a break, get away from the norm, relax and be transported into a fictional tale of dilemma, drama and romance from a different character’s perspective. Hopefully, each part in the series will leave you wanting more. 

So, dear friends, stay tuned and get ready to be introduced to Roxanne and Wesley as they prepare for the holiday disco party and the upset they face with a pair of red stiletto shoes.  Wesley remembers a special night from the past when Roxanne wore her red stiletto shoes and when he realizes she wants to wear these same shoes to his holiday work party, he simply can't allow it. He is protective of his Foxy Roxy and has a little jealous streak causing him to scheme a plan to have the stiletto shoes mysteriously disappear. The plan falls apart when Roxanne discovers his weakness. Or, is it really his weakness...Wesley's cover-up also begins to fall apart until finally the truth is revealed at the disco party.  Will forgiveness and passion prevail?

Soon it will all be exposed in Stiletto Lies & Disco Dilemmas

Inside the Writer’s Corner ~ 
Particular word prompts inspired this upcoming story and they are: stilettos, disco, lake, marriage, champagne and chocolate. Watch for them throughout the story. 

Also, I included a little reader interactive fun, so be on the lookout for phrases describing shoulders, which were inspired by a few reading friends. I used their suggested descriptions in the story and they will be highlighted in purple. The idea was prompted from an earlier request I posted on my Facebook page

**Thank you Danielle, Anna and Julie, it was so great having your input to the story building. 

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