Feb 11, 2018

If Only It Was Just About the Writing: A Note From the Editor

Wearing the different hats as writer, editor, creative director and marketing manager of this blog website has proved to be a much more challenging task then just writing something and plunking it here. 

I’d like to share some thoughts from this side of the blogosphere.

I started this blog as a place to practice my writing, inspire and possibly offer a chuckle to those who give up their precious time to read it. 

It’s important to mention, that my blog website and what I call my writing space will always be ad-free. No annoying pop-ups or sponsored products to entice you. Nothing against the bloggers that use their blog to make a buck, it’s a great way to start a business. However, this was never my goal to have this be a money maker. 

I am sincerely “paid” by having readers that are interested, enjoy what they read and want to come back again and again. Expanding the readership and hopefully inspiring or giving you a smile is the bonus/payment I get from it. 

Marketing and promoting my blog is another hat all together

If you write it, they will come...right? Not exactly – not without promoting it. This is the hat that’s been difficult for me to put on. It’s just not that easy and it’s been a journey of growing pains to put myself out there. This comes easier for some, but for whatever the reason, it’s a difficult hat for me to put on. 

Building a community of readers has always been the goal 

The advice from other writers, authors and publishers I read and follow say that it is an absolute MUST to have a social media presence and to build your writing platform or brand by using the vehicle of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. This is, of course, if you want readers coming to your blog. There are other ways, as well, but all of them take time and require your "marketing hat."

Basically, it’s the necessary part of self-promotion and one I have a love-hate feeling for. Then, recently Facebook has made it even more difficult for us bloggers and writers from the non-sponsored or an ad-free format to do any self-promotion, so we may be seen by potential readers. 

Finding an audience or “tribe” as they call it, is a challenging one. Among the millions of blogs out there, you have to find the readers and specifically the ones that want to read what you’re creating. Here's where I reach for my "creative director hat."

I try to tell myself it doesn’t matter if anyone comes here or not – it’s just a place to plop down thoughts and written stories. Then suddenly, the need to want to share with an audience raises its head and I have to put on my marketing hat. Ugh!

The path I take from here may change, but I hope to venture out and share my writing in different places and focus on other opportunities. I’ll be sure to share any news or personal developments in an updated post here.  

I very much appreciate the subscribers and regular visitors I’ve gained over the last 3 years. It’s been your encouragement and support that’s kept me writing. 

Although I can’t pay for it, if at any time you want to share my writing with a friend, spread the love or put on the “promotion hat” for me, it would be like giving me a great big hug. 

This is a shameless plug…I know! But, I realize I can’t build it alone.

Thank you dedicated readers! You mean more than you may realize and I needed to voice this from the one wearing the Editor-In-Chief hat.

Indulging In the Write Stuff 

One More Thing Before You Go!

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  1. So let me in Laurie what my next move should be in order to keep your blog available to me. I would gladly pay a subscription fee as I am enamored with your writing & musings...you & I are of different generations but I find I am able to identify with each of your bloggings. I've tapped onto the like & follow options on fb & as to your needing to allow ads in order to be able to continue this venture of yours, no problem. Is there anything else I should be doing in order to assist?

    1. Karen, thank you so much for your thoughts and I'm so happy you are a subscriber and that you enjoy reading. There's no fee for subscribing and never will be! The downside of writing is that it's usually to a silent audience, so you're not sure if it even resonates with anyone. Also, self-promotion to get my writing out in front of readers is challenging. The only part you can play is to maybe tell a friend who you think may enjoy reading it and share my website with them to subscribe, as well. My Facebook Blog Page is another option for sharing, however, you need to turn on notifications from my page in order to see those posts. Otherwise, they don't show up in your news feed. This is the frustrating part for me...getting seen. It's been a learning and growing process for me and don't want it to take away from my time to actually write. Just you responding here gives me a warm fuzzy. I really, really appreciate your feedback. Thanks for hanging with me :)

  2. I can so relate, Laurie - on every count! I immediately popped over to your FB page (which I liked!) and saw that you, too, had recently given making a little video a try. I feel like we're walking the same path. AND have our serious appreciation of Erma Bombeck in common!

    1. Shel, thank you so much for commenting here and knowing I'm not alone on this venture gives me a sense of virtual support. I popped over to your FB page and liked, as well. It's funny, but I was considering deleting that page, until I discovered the video idea. I'll hang in there with it a little longer and see if it benefits me in the long run. Anyone who likes Erma is alright in my book...having a sense of humor is the key to life!!! Take care Shel and see you around the blogging world. :)

  3. You've set down all the turmoil that comes with blogging because you love to write and want readers to read your pieces. The marketing hat, the pormotion hat--all difficult don in the online world. But it was also tough in the print era. even tougher.

    1. You're absolutely correct! If not for the internet and this blogging format, I wouldn't be here to write about it. Wearing all the different hats has opened my eyes to the whole process and has given me new knowledge that I appreciate. But, at times, it's a challenging one and I'm realizing not all hats look good on me. haha!

  4. This is a hard one for me as well. I'm a total introvert with no extrovert characteristics at all, but I do like to talk about WordPress so it must be done. I found out today that you can automatically post to Medium by installing a plugin and signing up and I always Stumble my posts because I get a lot of readers from there. That's my 2 cents!

    1. Really!?! I'll have to research this. I haven't done much with Stumble, but will look more into this. Thanks Rena!

  5. You're so right Laurie - I can relate to this completely! The idea of putting your thoughts down for yourself but also wanting to share and connect (which then means jumping into the SM soup) I also thought I'd stay anonymous - that lasted for about 6mths and now I feel like my face is everywhere! Good luck with your future plans x

    1. Leanne, you and I started our blogs around the same time and you've been very successful at it. You turn out some great stuff and seem to wear your creative director hat very well! It's so awesome to have an Aussie blog buddy as a source of knowledge and support. Blessings to you :)


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