Oct 24, 2017

Great News! Story Selected For The Fiction Challenge Contest From Two Drops Of Ink

I’m absolutely thrilled and honored to have my short fiction story published on the literary website, Two Drops Of Ink. I submitted the story, Charlie’s Shoes, for a fiction story contest and the story made it through the first selection round by being published on their website. 

We were given a choice of images as a writing prompt and the rocking chair image was the inspiration to writing my story. This is a big step for me, since most of my writing is essay and non-fiction pieces.  I decided to take this challenge on, so I could spread my fiction writing wings, so to speak.

However, the contest isn’t over until YOUR VOTE is casted. It’s sort of a people’s choice voting process. When you have a moment of free time, I’d love if you’d go to the link HERE and read my story. At the end of the story will be a “Like” button, please select to cast your vote. Of course, that’s hoping you like my story, Charlie’s Shoes.

To be honest, even if I don’t win the contest – I feel I’ve already won!  To have my writing featured on an established and award-winning literary website is amazing. Also, to be included alongside other wonderful writers and authors is an accomplishment in itself for me.

Please check it out!  I hope you enjoy the read and that it touches an emotional place in your heart. Maybe you’ll unravel the mystery of Charlie’s shoes before Patty does.

Thank you, dear readers, for all your support in my writing journey.

Put your smile on and unwrap
   A Square of Chocolate,
Laurie O

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  1. Congratulations!! And you absolutely won. Will head over and read the story later today. Fingers crossed for the next round.

    1. Laura, thank you so much! I'm delighted by your interest and encouragement. :)


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