Jun 5, 2017

A Square Of Chocolate Lists the Unexpected Most Popular Posts

After 170 published blog posts and nearly 86,000 page views packed into this journey of 2 1/2 years, I thought it would be fun to share the Top 10 most popular posts of all time as of today's date. Can't say any of these went viral (or urinal as my mom would say...but, that's a different silly story). 

I'm just happy to have reached some treasured readers along the way.

In countdown fashion, we’ll start with number 10 then reveal the NUMBER 1 most popular. Each title has a link to the original story. Click it to read more.

Here we go.... 

I was inspired to write this story when I discovered some high school students would sneak a moment here and there to read my blog. Not only did I love the notion that they took the time to read, but it made me realize that it may be a guilty pleasure for some. So, I dug a little deeper into the subject. It seems guilty pleasures is a topic many feel guilty about and have an overwhelming interest. After reading this piece you'll feel guilt no more. 

It was a true story that really happened about my trappings in a public bathroom at the movie theater. Of course, the story twist of interjecting movie titles was pure imagination. Either readers found the story entertaining or related to my escape on a level of personal experience...Mission Impossible theme music optional, of course. 

I often get inspiration from Ted Talk presentations. One in particular was about being a Multipotentialite (people with a varying range of interests) and discovering their purpose and career choices; then how to embrace it. I'm sure everyone has had, at some point in their young life, a thought of what they wanted to be when they grew up. Many don't follow their early predictions and find themselves still wondering. The included Ted Talk video "Why Some Of Us Don't Have a True Calling" may help shed light on yours.

I wrote this in about 2 hours while the experience was still fresh in my mind. I couldn't un-see what I had seen out the back window of my office building. Before the day’s end, I wrote this turkey tale about Tom and Tina. It's a humorous story of two wild turkeys and the peep show they provided on a somewhat normal day at the office. It’s true; this unexpected gem must have had others perplexed about a turkey tango, as well. It made #7 most popular stories. 

I think this story got a flurry of views because so many people (especially southerners) question why one would choose to live in the cold winters of Minnesota. Are we miserable or are we happy?  Inquiring minds want to know. This article includes many reasons why we stay. 

This, by far, was the most unexpected popular post to make number 5 on the list. I'm still not sure why? Besides the story having a surprising discovery from my point of view, I do think its continued status as a most popular post is because the story title alone lures the curious and toe fetish alike. 

The unexpected loss of Minnesota native and prolific musician, Prince, prompted me to write my heartfelt thoughts and reflect on his life. Realizing the impact he had worldwide, I'm not surprised this story made number 4. 

If you haven't seen the constant infomercials with the Red Copper pan or its presence on store shelves, then you may be living a mole's life. The pan was a gift given to me for Christmas and I decided to feature this recipe on my blog. With the help of Pinterest, the Red Copper pan continues to be an attraction for one-pan cooking ideas. 

This is an early post from my blog beginnings and, to this day, it is still getting page views. Honestly, a humorous cartoon I came across inspired me to do a short uplifting write-up. I think the funny cartoon and our society's obsession with weight might be why it’s had longevity and kept a number 2 most popular spot on this list. 

And the most popular post is....


A simple holiday gift idea that my daughter and I saw at a grocery store looked like something I knew my daughter, the crafty one, could duplicate. We had most of the supplies, just needed the candy bars and I thought it would be perfect to share on my blog.  

Again, thanks to Pinterest the DIY candy bar bouquet project has been viewed nearly 2,000 times and still going.  

However, what really makes me shudder is that this crafty idea was posted in the early stages of the blog's history and its lackluster photos show it. We could re-do and update the post, but haven't taken the time to make this a project do-over. 

I’m amazed that it's still going at full steam, so I decided to leave it "as is" for nostalgic reasons. It's always fun to see how far you've come. 

Even though the DIY project stands out at #1, I noticed that the top 10 most popular are a variety of thoughts, ideas and interests. 

That's just how I like it!!

Thank you to all who take the time to visit A Square Of Chocolate, read its contents and share your comments. It's been an extraordinary learning experience and a great place to share laughter, inspiration and ideas. 

I’m so appreciative to my blog subscribers and want to express gratitude for being part of the unexpected road ahead.

Thank you, thank you! Your interest and kind words mean the world to me. 


  1. Fun roundup of your posts. I went to Minnesota last year. It's a beautiful state. I'll have to read some of your posts about it.

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca! Glad you had a chance to enjoy visiting MN - unlike some believe, we're not always frozen up here. Lol

  2. It is fun to see what resonates with readers. Your posts are hitting a whole slew of different people which is fabulous. A friend of mine when she was in the hospital got a candy bouquet. Funny thing was she doesn't eat candy but for visitors it was a nice thing!

    1. Haralee, it is fun to see the results and the variety is surprising. I must admit I don't do well with posting on social media. That is a time sucker for me! Those candy bouquets are a great gift idea and seem to be a real hit.


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