Mar 7, 2017

An Upbeat Sandwich Artist Spreads Confidence

I walked into a Subway shop to order the usual 6-inch sandwich, but had no idea I'd be walking out with the Picasso of all sandwiches!

Image Credit: - WandererCreative

I soon discovered that the Subway employee making sandwiches on this day took his sandwich artistry very seriously. After building and stacking all the ingredients on my 6-inch Italian Herb bread bun then painting it with the precise sauciness, he pronounced… 

"THAT is a pretty sandwich!"  

I let out a chuckle at his moment of pride and in no way did I want to fizzle out his sandwich sparkle, so I agreed, indeed it did look pretty. 

The bed of lettuce was fluffed like a crowning nest to hold the tomatoes, pickles and cucumbers, which were layered in perfect symmetry. The mustard drizzled with expert style; the oil and vinegar adequately splashed. 

Showing a mile wide smile, he announced, after all, with his many years of experience it should be a perfect and superb sandwich. 

Without a smidgeon of shyness, he declared his career plan to be the owner one day and wrapped up and handed me that sandwich like the confident boss he dreamed to be. 

Wow! This sub sandwich artist had some killer confidence and it was really quite refreshing. How often does one get that kind of positive and self-assured service at Subway?

With my artistically crafted sandwich in hand, I left thinking…we should all take a lesson from this delighted Subway employee. 

Don't we all have days where our courage and assurance feels like it's somewhere at the bottom of the pickle jar or clamoring on the sides of a mustard bottle.

We can all take action on building a better sandwich of self-confidence. Check out this article from Entrepreneur - 6 Actions You Can Take Every Day to Build Your Self-Confidence. 

Like "Subway guy" he identified his talents and was proud of them. He expressed it and clearly was following a passion of interest. This idea of cultivating a good attitude along with many other ideas is listed on how to Build Self Confidence.  

As I observed on this Subway visit, unlocking your self-confidence has a tendency to rub off on others and slathers positive thoughts in everyone’s direction. 

Image Credit: - Geralt

In addition, here's a little food for thought - 

Something I noticed after receiving the SUGGESTION of his great sandwich building skills is that this Mona Lisa of a sandwich was ESPECIALLY dang good and outperformed all the Subway sandwiches I've had before it! 

Put that on your confidence bun and eat it!



  1. The lessons you can learn in a Subway shop! There's so much around us to see if we just look a little deeper. Love this sandwich maker's attitude. Glad you took the time to appreciate it.

    1. So true Karen! Just goes to show how you can affect someone's day with some simple positive gestures.

  2. It's not what you do, but how you do it that matters. :) The sandwich-maker's attitude would put anyone in a good mood.

    1. That's right Debbie...attitude and gratitude! So glad you took a moment to stop by.

  3. So well written Laurie with the right dash of sass and measure of humor.
    I do a little happy dance in my chair when I see your name/Chocolate in my email box.
    Thanks for sharing the love sweet one! Dee

    1. Awww you're the sweet one :) you just made my day! Making people do a happy dance in their chair IS my goal! Thank you so much Dee!

  4. Proof! Lessons are EVERYWHERE. We're writers though, so notice things like that. And now I'm hungry. Thanks :-)

    1. They really are everywhere...if we just slow down long enough to notice. Thanks Mona!

  5. What a lovely evening I am having...sipping a glass of wine, taking a look at email. Then I spy your blog, but before I can click on it I go to my stash & take out a square of chocolate...the only appropriate thing to go with wine & your blog ~ you are awesome Laurie!

    1. This was incredibly special to see this message. It sounded like you had a perfect evening with all of my faves! Making people smile is what this is all about. Hope you keep coming back. Thanks so much!


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