Feb 9, 2017

A Crazy Thing Called Love!

My daughter just turned 21 and besides legally being able to belly up to the bar for a daiquiri, a cold beer, Jell-O shot or a snort of whiskey, I've noticed that she's turning into quite a mature and independent adult. 

Contrary to the negative press about millennials, she and her high school sweetheart seem to be responsible with living independently from one another, taking their college studies seriously and recently survived a month long winter break backpacking, camping and cliff jumping their way through New Zealand and Australia together. 

Image Credit: Pixabay.com - bngdesigns

However, from the story told, at nearly the end of their trip, it’s surprising that one of them didn't end up crimping the air hose of the other while scuba diving. 

I jest...but after a chuck-full of glorious time together day in and day out, cuddling like koala bears in a tiny tent, holding hands while gazing at stars and sharing a can of beans over a campfire, somebody or something had to snap. 

Feb 3, 2017

Book Review: Kissing the Crisis

New to my blog this year, I'll be adding some book reviews periodically. Disclaimer: I'm all about networking and supporting fellow writers in their publishing journey. I love the idea of being part of the writing landscape by offering an opinion or two. 

My opportunity to read Kissing The Crisis really got my attention because I felt a kindred spirit to the author and humorist, Kara Martinez Bachman. Essentially, we're around the same age, give or take a few years, and I felt a real connection to the book's subject of maneuvering in midlife and making sense of it all through humor. 

Her collection of short stories, I guarantee will either bring back flashbacks of your own stupid youthful shenanigans or you'll find she 'nails it' in relation to real midlife circumstances. Daring to say what we're all thinking in the throes of parenthood and our own questionable adulthood. 

Starting off with regrets for turning down Brad Pitt while in his infancy to stardom and how bowling may have been his favorite pastime. 

Kara reminds parents that you should always be prepared for six-year-old questions like, "why is that man's butt mostly showing?" As a mother, I could relate to this and the horror of trying to come up with a good answer. 

She shared moments of not wanting to give in to digital music, but rather putting a record on the turntable just so you could remember those Boogie Wonderland times. 

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