Nov 3, 2016

November's Picture The Possibilities

American White Pelican by Darcy Sime Photography -
Happy Imperfection Quote -

Do you suffer from stinkin' thinkin'

Maybe you're not happy with your imperfections and here starts the cycle of stinkin' thinkin' ...the negative self-talk that settles in the mind and sometimes is very difficult to get past. You're focused on self-doubt, lack of know-how or the lack of confidence, so then you fail to move forward.  

Or, maybe you're trying too hard to live up to being too perfect and now you've set yourself up to anticipate problems that may never arise or you linger on the details. You're waiting for the perfect moment or situation that never comes and, therefore, you fail to move forward. 

I've been guilty of both of these. It's taken a shake-up of some personal reluctant moments and being honest with myself to get my head in a better place. I realized I was being held back by the fear of getting out of my comfort zone. I was afraid I wouldn't measure up or I was always waiting for the perfect scenario.  

There are implications to waiting for the perfect moment; everything goes dormant and you never get started. Now, you'll never know if you could've gone places. 

Perfectionism isn't a bad thing, but being obsessed about it can be sabotaging. 

Stinkin' thinkin' can be a helpful way to make improvements, but being obsessed about it can be toxic. 

The good news, there is a happy balance. Here is an enlightening article on how we can be healthy perfectionists. 

It's about being conscious of our tendencies and to manage them. 

Change your mindset and decide your direction. It is, at times, playing a mind game and being your own coach.  No matter what direction you want to go or what you want to accomplish your inner coach tells you to "get out there, stop making excuses and make it happen!” It could be something very simple, whatever your destination or purpose may be and it doesn't have to start off perfect

It's also important to always acknowledge your accomplishments. Recognizing your successes (no matter how small), is a great motivator! Your inner coach would be proud and say "hell yeah, you did awesome today!" 

Others may not recognize those small successes, but YOU should!

Surround yourself with positive and imperfectly happy people. People that have a common focus or drive as you.  These people are mentors and have it figured out. They are willing to jump in with all their imperfections and still have an assured disposition. They roll with the punches, so to speak. That kind of influence can be contagious. 

In the end be happy with your imperfections, because no one is happily perfect. 

Picture The Possibilities!

Remember, everyone's ass has a crack in it!

This is November's installment of my monthly series called "Picture the Possibilities."  I'm collaborating with talented photographer, Darcy Sime, who brings inspiration, beauty and wonder through her amazing photos.  I hope to share the inspiration and beauty by combining her photos along with my writing creations. 

Put your smile on and unwrap
   A Square of Chocolate,
Laurie O 

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  1. This is like an overview of my blog Laurie - midlife for me has been all about turning my thinking around, looking for the positives and pushing fear and its cousin Perfectionism, into the background and just getting on with enjoying life right here and now. Great post!

    1. You got it, Leanne! Turn that thinking around. F.E.A.R - face everything and rise. So glad you stopped by.


  2. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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