Nov 8, 2016

Life Throws an Unexpected Curveball

The doctor nonchalantly asks, "so, do you know what you're having...a boy or a girl?" 

I remember this question often in different situations, but especially on this particular summer afternoon when everything seemed to be normal, routine and like any other day. 

I was mowing the lawn in the backyard while my kids played nearby in the sandbox. The only thing possibly out of the norm was that I was mowing the lawn and not Mister O. I'm all for sharing the household chores, but to be honest, this was not my normal household job. Mister O usually did the outside chores and I the inside. 

Photo Credit: - JerzyGorecki

However, on this Saturday afternoon, I don't recall why, I had the chore of mowing the yard on a sultry hot humid summer day while Mister O sat indoors in perfectly cool conditions watching TV. 

Hey, I'm writing this story! When he has his own blog, he can tell his side of the story!

Anyway, I just happened to be picking up the slack on yard work that Saturday afternoon when Mister O comes out onto the deck and hollers to me "hey where's.......

The roar of the lawnmower had deafened the sound of his voice and all I saw was his mouth moving and his hands waving indicating there was concern. 

It was very similar to the day we were in the hospital some two years prior and I was lying in a hospital bed well over nine months pregnant huffing and puffing through labor pains. His mouth appeared to be moving and his hands furiously rubbing my leg to help ease the contractions, but through my exhausted eyes I only saw his silhouette and incoherently hearing his words that overlapped each whoo, whoo, ha, ha breathing method of child birth. 

His hands, his body language and his voice were a blur of nonsense to me. I didn't give two flying ducks what he was saying or doing I just wanted this baby out!

But, this story isn't about the pangs of giving birth. Not really, kind of, well sort see it's really about how life can throw a curveball. 

After hours of labor, intense breathing and just moments before the big reveal, the doctor sees the baby's head and maybe it was his way to break the tension or thinking small talk may help me to forget that I was pushing an 8 pound child from the nether regions when he asks "so do you know if you're having a boy or a girl?"  

Getting a break from yet another contraction, catching my breath and raising my head to look somewhat sane from my sweaty brow, both Mister O and I beamed and said we're having a girl!  

We had known for some time and had gotten used to the idea of having another girl and our first daughter was very excited to know she was getting a little sister. Mister O had gotten used to the idea too as his hopes of having a son were now fleeting, but having a healthy baby was most important. 

Coming back to reality, I turned off the lawnmower, catching my breath and from my sweaty brow; I looked around the yard to see where there was once two kids in the sandbox was now only one!

Photo Credit: - Skitterphoto

The concerned Mister O had now come off the deck and we began frantically yelling and searching the yard, which was surrounded by a chain link fence. Quickly taking notice of the gate, which hadn't been touched or even opened, we couldn't imagine where our child had gone. 

We searched inside the house, thinking maybe a favorite hiding spot would be the place of discovery. Nothing!

I ran to the backyard again asking our older daughter what she knew or if she saw anything. She hadn't!

I was overwhelmed with anxiety thinking how could this happen. I was right here mowing the yard only a few yards from where they were playing and I didn't see a thing. I hadn't noticed either child wander or walk away. 

Thinking the possible worst, I ran to the front yard hoping the terror I was feeling would end favorably. While, simultaneously, Mister O grabbed his bicycle and proceeded to ride down the neighborhood street looking for any kind of sighting or clues to the disappearance. 

Our neighbor took notice of our panic stricken behavior and suggested we look at the next house down, which just happened to have a heap of toys and an assortment of attractive slides and swings in their backyard from their daycare business. Great idea!

My heart pounding with fear and the adrenaline raging through my veins, I rounded the corner and there straddling proudly atop a chain link fence was my rascally 2 year-old with a mischievous smile, but yet carrying an innocent look of an accomplished adventure. Looking straight at me, I released a huge sigh of relief and slowly the tension and anxiety I was feeling had come to an end. 

Photo Credit: - ChristopherPluta

Exactly the same way I felt with one mighty push, my heart pounding and the adrenaline raging through my veins, I rounded the corner of my last contraction and there straddling proudly in the doctor's hands with a mischievous smile and carrying an innocent look of an accomplished adventure was our new baby BOY!"  

"What? It's a boy, not a girl,” we exclaimed!

Yes, it could happen, this was life's curveball that we happily and joyfully embraced. Even with every shimmied and climb-worthy fence that awaited. Literally!

Photo Credit: - Eloisa

Each of these unexpected events had brought us to tears and then laughter as we scooped that boy into our arms and thanked our lucky stars for being so blessed. 

Honestly, this boy has managed to keep us on our toes with his curious personality, but at the same time, melting our hearts with his innocent smile. 

By the way, our daughter wasn't too happy when she found out she didn't have a little sister, but the minute she laid eyes on her little brother's face, they bonded immediately. Maybe she knew he'd be a fun and rascally playmate.

That'd be our rascally SON - the curveball, the climber!

Has life thrown you a curveball?

Put your smile on and unwrap
   A Square of Chocolate,
Laurie O

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  1. The same thing happened to us, only we found out the afternoon before she arrived that our little boy was actually a girl with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. So after an emergency C-section we had a perfect little girl. I was thrilled since I already had a son. My husband was upset at first, but as soon as we learned she was in trouble all of that flew right out the window. They wheeled me in for the C-section and 5 minutes after they started hubby passed straight out and had to be carried out of the delivery room. Fun times!

    1. Wow, Rena! What a day to remember, for sure! Such events can bring us to our your hubby certainly experienced. Haha :)


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