Nov 28, 2016

Let's Simplify the Banana Mixed Messages

I've been in banana limbo lately. Is eating a banana healthy or not? 

How do we get past all these mixed messages about bananas? I feel like there's a whole lot of banana monkey business going on! At times, do you feel like a monkey swinging from one “Healthy Eating” headline to another?

I try to be informed with healthy food choices, but I must admit the almighty banana has probably the most mixed messages of all the fruits. Eat bananas. Don't eat bananas. Bananas make you fat. Bananas make you skinny. Bananas have too much sugar. Bananas have good natural sugar. Bananas make your stomach flat. Bananas make you bloated. Bananas can be shoved into a tail pipe. Oh, oops, that's for a different story. 

No wonder we've all gone a little nuts over bananas; don't even get me started on nuts!

Anyway, here's what I have gathered as somewhat the skinny on "banana logic." My source is Chris Freytag who I think makes the most sense. I may be a little biased as she's a Minnesota girl!

However, no matter where's she's from, I have always thought she had the most logical and sensible health and exercise information. Here is Chris Freytag's website Get Healthy U and her Facebook page

Let's peel down the banana logic and don't be a "monkey see monkey do" person. Meaning, you decide what works for you. It's all about balance. 

Chris lays out the Health Profile Of A Banana and if you're still wondering about hopping on the banana boat or not, I'll list only a small bunch of banana facts:

  1. Each Banana has naturally occurring fiber which helps the digestive system and lowers cholesterol. 
  2. Each Banana has 10% of daily-recommended Potassium which has been shown to lower blood pressure.
  3. Each Banana has benefits of B vitamins, which treats anemia and promotes a healthy nervous system. 
  4. Each Banana has Biotin which regulates blood sugar and jump starts metabolism. 
One more question.

How many should you eat while hanging from a tree? Well duh...NONE from a tree; unless you're a monkey.  

Listen, of course, it's about moderation…as with anything. So, don't be a chimp and eat bananas like you are one. 

Also, from the Health Profile link above are some recipe ideas on how to incorporate bananas into your diet.

So, banana limbo no longer! 

I'll be honest; I usually cut my banana in half and save the other half for another time. I guess, I don't feel the need to go ape shit over bananas - one half will do. 

To bring this banana logic to its conclusion, I couldn't resist including this music video. It’s actually one of my faves by Gwen Stefani from No Doubt and wait for it...near the end *B-A-N-A-N-A-S*

Let's sing it loud Hollaback Girl 

Are you with me on the Banana Boat or still in limbo?

Put your smile on and unwrap
   A Square of Chocolate,
Laurie O

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  1. i love greenish bananas. can't resist 'em. thanks for clearing my health-conscience whenever i peel one. or, like you, usually half a banana.
    btw: because i like them on the green side, i put them in the refrigerator. i don't care what Chicita Banana says!

    1. I'm with you...I like a slightly green banana. Honestly, I'm so incredibly weird about this - I don't like them too firm and I don't like them too soft. Yep, I'm still talking about bananas!!! LOL Refrigerator is a nice idea too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

  2. Bananas good. Especially fried in butter and brown sugar. Mmmm. :D

    OK, on a more serious note, I went through chemo last year and the only time that my blood tests showed anything off-kilter was the time I was running to my session and hadn't eaten and so I grabbed a banana on the way. Blood sugar levels showed a huge spike. My care team was not particularly worried, they said as long as it was just one unusually high reading it wasn't really a concern, but it was interesting to see the jump. I could see why they would be a problem for a diabetic.

    1. Bonnie, yep, plantains and brown sugar...very tasty and you're right diabetics may need to ban bananas. Even natural sugars could be an issue for some. Like most foods each individual's body chemistry may react differently. Probably why bananas have so many mixed messages. Thank you for your comments, Bonnie.

  3. I have to be careful of potassium levels (a med I take makes me store potassium and I can't eat high potassium foods)but prior to that, I used to love bananas. I would still be eating them if I could. I don't pay much attention to nutritional advice (eat this color, don't eat this veggie, etc.) and I think it all evens out in the end.

    1. Hi Alana! You're wise to remain neutral with nutritional advice. One day something is great for you and the next day it's bad. I always say moderation is the best advice. Of course, excluding something for medical reasons is most important. Sorry to hear you had to leave the banana boat behind. :(

    2. Can't have a smoothie without a banana! They certainly do add sweetness. ☺

    3. Melanie, I freeze 1/2 bananas for smoothies. You're right, for the sweetness and to make them thick and creamy! Mmmm yummy!

  4. I think it's like the poor little egg!! First they were bad for you, then they were good!
    We've been trying to eat clean for the last couple of years, so I figure if it's a real food without the chemicals and preservatives, I'm all in!!

    1. Exactly, that poor egg! Another food with mixed messages. I fall in line with the real food idea too and all in moderation - even with my beloved dark chocolate!!

  5. Yes to Jodie, it is like the egg. Are they good or bad? Still in limbo, but still eating them anyway.

    1. Beth, it's too bad the egg gets a bad rap, but I'm like you I'll keep eating them. I just may have to do a blog write up on the egg, now. Haha

  6. I do the smoothie thing too almost every morning. I take frozen banana slices that I made in advance and add just enough milk to cover them plus a dollop of honey and my unflavored protein powder. My favorite breakfast!

    1. Perfect! The frozen banana thing works great for smoothies. Deserves a Hollaback Girl cheer!! :)


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