Oct 5, 2016

How To Discover Your Inner Tortoise

Do you need to slow life down? Maybe you're riding on the crazy train and you can't seem to get off. 

I'm guessing here, but I think most people do want and appreciate tranquility. 

However, sometimes this doesn't come easily for some. Inner peace and mindfulness isn't something you attempt when you're too busy working long hours, managing household duties, caring for kids, a spouse, or elderly parents. 

Additionally, you might be dealing with your problems, your family’s problems, your friend's problems or even your neighbor's problems.  

The crazy train keeps clipping along and not only are you riding, but you're driving it. 

Could you be denying yourself tranquility?

This Ted Talks video by Carl Honore, "In Praise of Slowness" is about the roadrunner culture we live in and why it may be so hard to change. 

Here Are Some Captured Highlights:

~We live in a speed-obsessed society. Speed is sexy and fun. We are cramming more and more into less and less time. 

~Our culture says giving up is taboo. There's only so much time; it’s a use it or lose it mentality.

~We fill our heads with so many distractions because it's a way to avoid the hard life questions. 

~These days even instant gratification takes too long. Can you believe sex might be on a stopwatch?

~What is the damage to health, relationships, diet, work, and environment?

~Even our kids are on the fast track. Things are much different from a generation ago. Between studies, homework, sports, music lessons and more and more extracurricular activities, they're waiting to board the crazy train too. They're beginning to lack spark and lack ability for creativity. 

However, Carl says a backlash is brewing and a slow movement is happening. Now, people are starting to notice that maybe less is more. In some European countries, for example, they are decreasing working hours, schools are giving less homework and people are realizing they need to put on the brakes. 

He says it's possible to break free from our fast mindset. We can get back to slower rhythms, unplug and re-charge. In fact, "get in touch with your inner tortoise."

Is it possible?

  • Don't overload
  • Change your default mode
  • Love life rather than race through it
  • Slow your rhythm 

Arkansas Morning by Darcy Sime Photography - https://www.flickr.com/photos/djsime

Here's my takeaway to finding your Inner Tortoise” ~
  • Escape to a place that's quiet and rid the noise that surrounds you. 
  • Take it down a notch and listen to what your mind and body want. Choose a better way. Maybe that's yoga; walks in nature, release stress through exercise, or get creative and discover your artistic side. 
  • Be more opportunity-minded and less problem-minded. 
  • Prevent problems and focus on future activities that will prepare you for less stressful situations. 

Choose tranquility and then act on it – make it happen.

Indulging In the Write Stuff 


  1. This was a "God moment" for me Laurie. Currently stressed with major lifestyle change-in-the-making with sorting, packing, moving to new home. Needing to take a time-out along the way to enjoy my favorite season of the year. Love the colors and crispness of the breeze. Making time to pray, praise and give thanks for all my blessings. Thank you for the refocus.

    1. Dee, I wrote this some time ago, but I actually thought of you when I posted it here today. Yep, slow it down, refocus and take time for you. I know it's easier said than done, but time-outs are absolutely necessary. I'm learning this life lesson myself!!! Hoping you see the positive outcomes with your lifestyle change soon.

  2. I love this so much! I think fall is a great season to slow down and find your "inner tortoise." :) Thank you for sharing!

    1. Absolutely Jennifer! I love the idea of inner tortoise too. Thank you for stopping by and glad you felt a connection to this.


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