Oct 26, 2016

Junie's Backseat Escapade!

Meet Junie the Bear. Junie is an extraordinary Teddy Bear and holds a special importance to a friend of mine. She was created at “Build a Bear” and was a gift to my friend with meaningful ties. 

If you're looking for a soft and cuddly children's story, this ISN'T it! So, turn back now if you want to keep your modesty intact. 

Recently, Junie was let out of the trunk to celebrate National Bring Teddy Bear to Work Day on October 12th

I had no idea such a day existed. Thank goodness this day exists for Junie. After what she's been through she deserves to have a day just to celebrate her. 

This day meant she could finally see the bright light of day, breath the fresh crisp air of fall and return to the outside world that she had once enjoyed. The confines of the car trunk may be a safer place, but it's dark, hot and lonely in there.  

Occasionally, she'll have flashbacks of happier times when she actually rode high and proud in the backseat

It was a time of young innocence and freedom

She loved looking out the window and observing the scenery of different landscapes. She'd see beautiful parks, lakes and smiling faces peering at her from passing cars. Road trips were her favorite pass time with the occasional ice cream stop that would melt her heart with joy. 

She would even get excited about her trips to the grocery store, to doctor appointments and Chinese takeout.

Yep, the world was a wonderful view from the backseat of a car. The places she's been and the things she's seen are now only blurred memories

Everything has changed since THAT day. Her innocence and freedom have been dissolved. 

Her Teddy Bear life has resorted to being locked up tight in the dark and stale trunk of a Hyundai Sonata.  

Junie recalls THAT day when one backseat escapade took on a different scene. 

It was the day that Puppet rode unrestricted and uninhibited in the backseat right along with Junie

Puppet was a curious and precocious pup. He may uphold the sweet disposition of a typical Pomapoo, but has the libido of a jack rabbit and the animalism of a hound dog

He seemed quite fond of Junie as she rode innocently in the seat beside him. His inquisitive nature along with the scent of her freshly stuffed Polyfill pulled on Puppet's enamored strings. 

Without a doubt, his hankering for some unforgiving “Puppy Love” overcame him as the car sat idle at a stop light. 

Junie, unsuspectingly, was gazing out the window at the gentlemen in the car next to them and without warning Puppet decided this was the moment to give into his passions. 

He leaped on Junie like a Horny Toad to a Lilly Pad with flies. 

That's right, Puppet started doing the Hound Hump, the Muttly Mambo, the Tail-Wag Tango, the Pooch Pummel...you get the picture, right!

With each hump and howl the Polyfill spilled out of the gaping hole in Junie's leg. This adventure was beyond anything she’d ever experienced and didn’t even notice the damage that had been done.

It was right after the dripping tongue splashing and battered bumping that she noticed the guy in the car next to them waving his arms and pointing hysterically. 

The whole scene played out at a traffic light, in the backseat and in full window view to every onlooking motorist in the area. 

It was soon after when Junie landed in the trunk.

She was told it was for her own good and it would be a much safer and less evasive place. She was too special to have this Polyfill Pounding event repeated. This is why she now lives out her days in the trunk of a car. 

Undoubtedly, she knows her loved ones are nearby and that she will always be taken care of to no limits. 

Furthermore, since this backseat escapade, word around town is that Puppet has moved on and is currently having relations with a pillow named Sally. Sounds about right!

Junie still looks forward to “National Teddy Bear Day” every year as this is her moment to come out of the trunk and enjoy what could be another adventurous day!

Moral of the story, don't be fooled - Puppy Love is a real thing and if you ever come across a dog named Puppet, for Junie's sake, do NOT get in the backseat with him!!

Inspired by true events with a little drama and embellished humor mixed in, of course. 

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

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  1. That so cracked me up. Boy dogs. You gotta love them. Mine is 12 and still lifts his leg in the house. I'd rather have the humping. LOL

    1. I'm with you...I think I'd rather have the humping too! Haha Gotta love our pups, though. Glad you enjoyed this random little story, Rebecca.

  2. Dogs. Gotta love them. Gotta LOVE them... HaHa!

    1. Yup, with all their dog sweetness you just can't muzzle those urges of puppy love. ;)

  3. OMG what an adorable little guy


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