Sep 28, 2016

A Bus Ride Comes With a Shocking Climax!

Nothing had prepared me for this weird and unusual bus ride! NOTHING, I say!

No question, at times, riding the city bus is like watching the introduction to a cast of characters from a T.V. comedy sitcom. 

Many times with each stop, the doors open and someone will enter with a peculiar demeanor, a catchy outfit or an offbeat personality. 

Image Credit: - StockSnap

This was my mode of transportation for a few years when I first moved from my smaller hometown to the big city back in my younger days. 

The need for a car wasn't necessary; I usually bummed rides from roommates and for reasons of cost and convenience I'd take the bus into work. Bus transportation to work was usually made up of the same professional business people commuting to their 9 to 5 jobs. Passengers, maybe, would give a quick nod and smile as they boarded, but generally would keep to themselves during the daily commute.

Besides my daily jaunt to work, I'd occasionally, on a Saturday afternoon take the bus into the city from my suburban apartment to do a little shopping. On this day, the passengers boarded and exited in the usual fashion. It was a typical Saturday with only a half dozen on the bus at one time. Until.....

Sep 20, 2016

The Spam Museum: Revealing the Fun Facts

Before you say "eww Spam" or "they have a museum for this stuff?" Please hear me out on this one. 

Yes, Spam's history is so significant it has its own museum. The canned meat goes all the way back to 1937 and is a true slice of Americana. It's made a place in history, pop culture and culinary cuisine. 

I neither love it nor hate it, but Spam does hold a soft spot in my heart because it all began at the Hormel Foods Corporation based in Austin, MN, which just happens to be my hometown. 

I grew up seeing the iconic blue and yellow can in our cupboard and my favorite way to eat it is when my mom would chop it or shred it up fine then mix it with hard boiled eggs; like a Spam and egg salad spread on bread. 

Sep 14, 2016

If I Had a Nickel For Every Twinkie!

Go back to your school days for a moment. When you think of school lunches, what do you think of? Is it a fond memory, is it a horrid memory? Does it leave a bad taste in your mouth? Maybe it's the school cafeteria smell you remember. 

Image credit: -Wokandapix

Mrs. Bell was my 1st grade teacher in 1969 and I remember about a handful of things about 1st grade. I remember reading Dick and Jane books, square dancing in gym class, my little crush on Tommy and the unforgettable era with the Twinkie

Sep 7, 2016

September's Picture The Possibilities

Monarch Caterpillar by Darcy Sime Photography -
Accepting Change Quote -

September, what a month for song! Did you know that September is the one month out of the year that is used the most in song titles and lyrics? September seems to hold the record for inspirational song writing with April not far behind. 

The inspiration for “September” could come from many instances. 

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