Jul 25, 2016

What's Cooking At The Red Barn?

It's true about the phrase, "If you build it, they will come!"  I know the actual quote is “HE will come.”  However, in this case, more than one WILL come.

I believe the secret is out and it's down a country road lined with cornfields and plush rolling hills on the outskirts of Northfield, MN.  

Red Barn Pizza Farm - Northfield, MN

Yes, it's all happening here at this big Red Barn that sits amid the farm fields, horses and chickens. So, what's getting everyone all fired up that they're willing to wait up to an hour in line?

You might have known...they're tossing and making fresh PIZZAS baked in a wood fire oven and made from farm fresh ingredients, of course! 

I wasn't kidding about build it and they will come. The cars flow in like tomato sauce and when the Red Barn hits your eye like a big pizza pie, you might say "that's amore!" 

If you live in the Twin Cities, it’s only an hour away, which is close enough for a Sunday drive and makes this a lovely family day for a pizza picnic on the farm. 

Red Barn Picnic Area - Northfield, MN

I remember going to my great grandma’s house on the farm to pick fresh raspberries and to play under the apple trees, but we never considered making pizza!

The owners of this 10 acre farm grow top quality and pesticide free produce, which is used for toppings on their made-to-order pizzas.  Have a wedding to plan? They also host weddings and special events in their updated 100-year-old barn.

It seems to be a pretty well-oiled operation and once your order is placed, you'll get a number; then it's typically another hour to wait for your pizza. Honestly, that hour goes pretty fast if you're in the mindset for a summer afternoon to wander the farm or just to sit and relax lazily under a shade tree. 

There’s plenty of land to find your perfect picnic spot. You can take part in the farm festivities or find a secluded space away from the others to enjoy the countryside scenery while breathing in the fresh country breeze. 

It's a good idea to be picnic prepped with your own utensils and bring appetizers and beverages to have while you wait. They do have a General Store that sells a small variety of beverages, popcorn and fresh homemade salsa with tortilla chips. 

The farm experience and the country view definitely put this a few notches above home delivery from Dominos and beats out Digiornos on the freshness scale. 

Red Barn Margarita Olive Oil & Sausage Pizza - Northfield, MN

To be fair, don't go if you're in a rush or if you’re not interested in a little outdoor noshing via Americana style.

It’s here alongside the cornfields that a new discovery is revealed and it's a tasty one!

Just like the corn has ears...the Red Barn Farm has Pizza!

The pizza farm is seasonal and they're only open limited days during the summer. Refer to their Red Barn Farm website for details. 

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