Jun 5, 2016

A Message in a Wrapper

All it took was just a one line message to stir up a funny thought that was followed by a flashback to a more naive and foolish time.  It was a moment that had been buried in my mind from years ago.  

It had been easily forgotten, but on this day it all came spilling over to remind me that I've gotten older and that spontaneity had been left somewhere in a time warp along with Marty McFly in "Back To The Future."  

When given the chance to let our mind wander it can change the thoughts and mood of an entire day. It can make you realize that even at an older age you can still dare to be free spirited.

Here's how this thought started.

One day after lunch on my way back to work, I grabbed a Dove chocolate and if you've been following my blog from the beginning you know that I love chocolate...hence the blog name. 

Anyway, I grabbed a Dove square of chocolate, got in the car and proceeded driving. I wasted no time unwrapping and popping the chocolate deliciousness in my mouth. Naturally, I kept both eyes on the road as I unwrapped the foiled sweetness. 

I've yet to hear of a law against eating chocolate while driving! 

Thank goodness!

Once I had the full glory of chocolate silkiness in my mouth, it occurred to me that I didn't read the message inside the wrapper. This is a very clever move by Dove, one of the reasons I love these little squares of joy. It’s for the inspirational messages printed inside the wrapper. 

Still driving, I reached down for the wrapper I had tossed in the middle cubby and quickly glanced down to read the message. Still concentrating on my driving, it was a sideway glance to read the message that said "Ride with your top down."

What? Did Dove just deliver a quip to ride topless?  

Suddenly, I was pondering how utterly mind blowing it would be to have the option to drive down the road with the topless ta's ta's on a joy ride.  They'd have the chance to roam free and feel the blowing breeze from the car window while the sun beamed down glistening shimmers from the sunroof. And...I don't even have a sunroof! 

Yep, I was deep into this daydream.  

Of course, after this momentary lapse of thought, I knew a second glance was required to read what the message actually said. 

"Ride with THE top down." 

Like as in a convertible. Not physically topless but the rooftop of the car. Just one little misread word in this message changed the whole meaning. 

Not to mention, this quirky thought brought back a memory from my much younger days when a simple joy ride with some gal pals turned into an impulsive foolish dare.  

Sorry in advance, mom and mom-in-law if you're reading this right now, because somehow you might be shocked to know that there was a day from my youth when a dare seemed like the thing to do. 

Kind of like why would you climb a mountain? 

Because, it's there!

This prompted dare gave rise to the bare butt mooning of cheeks smashed right up against the car window while passing by some equally mischievous young guys on the freeway.

As I’m recollecting this flash-back...was this a proud moment for me? 

Probably...I guess not. 

At the time, it did seem fitting and hilarious! 

It was a hair brained spontaneous youthful prank and let's face it, most of us may have a tale or two of not so proud moments. Or, maybe ones you are proud of. 

This little thought from the past happened in the time span of about 8 miles and all generated from one single chocolate wrapper. 

Oddly, this isn't the first time I've had inspired thoughts from a Dove wrapper.  This is why I love them. Did I mention that already?

Whether you're riding with THE top down or with YOUR top down, either one will bring spontaneous amusement and an exposed sense of freedom. 

Remember those days? Don't forget them. 

Do something spontaneous and fun today!

I double-dog dare you. In fact, I triple-dog dare you!

Share your dare. What silly spontaneous thing have you done?

Put your smile on and unwrap
   A Square of Chocolate,
Laurie O

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  1. Oh my goodness, you made me laugh! Isn't it amazing how memories can come back to us at odd moments? Let's see...a dare from my youth...my college girl friends and I would call the local radio station and pretend to be the "Wild and Crazy Czech Sisters" doing an imitation of Steve Martin's "Wild and Crazy Guy" voice from Saturday Night Live. It made the DJ laugh and he would play the songs we asked for!

    1. So awesome Debbie that it gave you a chuckle and a flashback of your own. Very clever bit with the wild and crazy Czech sisters. Being spontaneous can make for some great memories. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. :)

  2. Oh I love these rappers as well. Those, partnered with the musings on the flipside of my Snapple bottle :-),are perfection.

    1. That's right, I had forgotten about the Snapple bottle musings. It's been awhile since I've had a Snapple. Such clever marketing. Thanks Carla :)

  3. Fun, and you're so right. We lose our spontaneity as we get older. That's a shame. Well maybe it is. Sometimes. Unfortunately we don't get Dove chocs in S.Africa. See? I KNEW I was deprived.

    1. Oh goodness, Shirley, you are deprived...no Dove chocolate?!?! I'm sure you have other cool stuff in S. Africa. Hope you're doing something fun and spontaneous today! Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

  4. Good Earth Tea has quotes I like too. I have to admit sometimes after reading said quote or a Dove Bar Saying, if it doesn't jive with me, I feel it lis like a bad fortune from a fortune cookie!

    1. Oh Haralee, in those cases of an uninspired message, I'll just unwrap another and another until it jives. Haha! The Good Earth Tea quotes are great too. Again, so clever!

  5. LOL! All that from a teeny bit of chocolate? Oh girl, you're too funny! Love it! Thanks for the Monday giggles!

    1. Monday giggles are the best! Glad it gave you a smile. Have a fun and spontaneous day. Just keep that shower head in the wall! Lol

  6. You record the crazy way our minds can wander so wonderfully! Look at all that, just from a little chocolate wrapper! Such fun. :)
    Thank you for the reminder because you're right, we must remember to get silly and play. Now, how do you do that again?

    1. Thanks Tracey! As soon as you're all healed up from your surgery be sure to check spontaneous play time off your list.

  7. this is such a fun post! thank you for sharing with us. xo

    1. Thanks Katherine! Happy to share a square :)


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