May 11, 2016

The Battle of Movie Choices: Men vs Women

When it comes to movies there's the male driven films packed with shoot 'em up action and thrill-seeking crash and burns and on the flip side, chick flicks brimming over with passionate romance and sentimental happy endings. The choices can become complicated when planning a date night with your mate.

At times, it can turn into a battle of the sexes if there isn't a compromise on what to watch. Eventually, someone will give in to spare a date night meltdown. 

There needs to be a movie truce, a happy middle ground or a trade-off. 

Without a doubt, Mister O has different taste in movies than I do. Occasionally we're on the same screen page, but he usually gravitates towards science fiction, action suspense and super hero movies. I'm more about rousing dramas, romance and comedy movies. 

Is this a common issue with couples? Not surprisingly, this is common.   The Telegraph published some research facts explaining the reasons why “Men and Women Should Never Watch Films Together.”  They differ greatly on the range of emotions they want to experience from a movie.

This is something we’ve tried to be open-minded about with our movie date nights. We have an agreement that each person gets their pick of a movie every other time. Generally, this works out and I’ll have to admit, I may actually end up liking and enjoying his movie choice more than I thought I would. In turn, he may come around to liking mine. Possibly, he'd realize that my taste in movies can be just as entertaining without alien wars and cars crashing through skyscrapers. 

So far, this agreement has been working out until this recent movie date night.

It was his turn for a movie pick and as soon as he told me his movie choice, I immediately wanted to think of any excuse to wiggle my way out of this one. Would a sudden case of vomiting and diarrhea get me off the hook? 

Mister O is a Marvel movie enthusiast and was bound and determined to see the new release of “Captain America: Civil War.”  I didn't share his enthusiasm and already I had a yawning reaction just thinking about a super hero movie.  

He reminded me that it was his turn and that I'll get the movie selection next time.

Granted, it was his choice, but should there be a line drawn? I certainly didn't expect him to go see "Magic Mike."  O.k., maybe this is not a fair comparison - it's definitely a movie for a ladies night out. 

Though, after thinking about it, this movie can't be all bad. Captain America is a pretty good looking guy, so maybe watching him fight crimes and saving damsels in distress could win me over. Additionally, Iron Man has a bit of a comedic side, so maybe I could get through this with a little comic relief. 

Captain America -

The first 20 minutes into this movie, I was completely lost. Not sure, if you had to be an Avengers buff to grasp the story plot, but felt there wasn't one. Unfortunately, Captain America did nothing for me either. It wasn't that he wasn't a handsome guy, but he gave me nothing to hold onto. 

No emotional hook, no sweet sex appeal, no charming humor to draw me in.

Magic Mike has ALL that and a bag of Cheetos!

Magic Mike - Made by Katherine @ Kolour Kreations

I soon became confused with Captain America and the Avenger cast of characters, because it was a constant battle ground of one super hero against another. The over the top martial art stunts and the overkill of heroic combat quickly had me wondering...what the hell are they all fighting about?!?!

With Magic Mike you welcomed his shape shifting moves and anticipated his vexing and hypnotizing skills.  Not only could he take on a super hero persona, but he could be a fireman, a cop, a cowboy and the pool boy if you wanted him to. 

He was a true transformer alright. His magic super powers had less to do with fighting off an evil nemesis and more to do with fighting off enamored women.  

Magic Mike had such riveting slow motion moves that it could leave the Black Widow weeping. 

Honestly, this Captain America movie was about two hours too long for me and I found myself wishing Magic Mike would fly in to rescue me from this comic strip calamity. 

To validate my thoughts, Mister O couldn't make sense of the story plot either. Maybe this entire movie needed to be transformed into something with real meatiness. 

In my mind, it’s nothing that a little baby oil and a fireman's hat wouldn't fix.

In fact, there is one way to wake me from a bored-out-of-mind slumber. Captain America might want to think about using his shield for something more than dodging bullets and shielding battle punches. He should consider using it as a prop in a male dance revue and call it the "Slippery Saucer." 

Take a RIDE with Captain America on that ladies! Wouldn't that be an entertaining movie "Spin" worth staying awake for. 

Do you think Mister O would go for it? He should...the next movie date night is MY CHOICE!

Put your smile on and unwrap
   A Square of Chocolate,
Laurie O

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  1. I'll take Cap dancing anywhere, thank you. My husband and I also have differing movie likes. I'll take the action adventure, science fiction and comedies. He'll take the horror and sometimes the schmaltzy romances that drive me crazy. But I love him and will watch the schmaltzy romances and he'll watch mine. But I absolutely refuse the horror, those get into my dreams, so no go.

    1. Jennifer, that's interesting that your husband likes schmaltzy romances and you don't. I'm with ya on horror movies. After the Exorcist and It's Alive, I was scarred! Stop back again and enjoy the movies!

  2. You know Laurie they do serve alcoholic beverages at the movies now, makes date night so much easier.

    1. Margie, you bet I know! Wrote a story about that too. This is one of the reasons we have date movie nights. Twizzlers marinating in wine is great! Haha.


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