Apr 8, 2016

It's Spring, Let's Talk Turkey!

I had a turkey revelation today! Spring time is when flowers are blooming, the trees are busting with buds and titillating turkeys are doing their seductive strut. 

Up till now, turkey was something I served and brought to the dinner table for Thanksgiving. Quite often, turkey is my go-to Subway sandwich and then there's the occasional turkey breast thrown on the grill for summer BBQing.  I even paid homage to the turkey by participating in the Thanksgiving Turkey Day 5k. 

This was the only turkey I saw trotting on this day. Not the gentleman, but the hat. 

However lately, I've noticed that the wild gobblers have been wandering our neighborhoods. I'm talking the city urban neighborhoods! 

It seems at spring time the turkeys are lingering and loitering in the most unusual places. They’re flocking at schools, strutting at store parking lots and gathering on city side streets. They are literally crossing the road to get to the other side. Chickens aren't the only fowl finding a reason to cross the road. 

We even discovered tom the turkey sitting up in the tree in our backyard. 

These city dwelling birds have been known to be aggressive and it's been reported that they've attacked and pecked at innocent postal workers just trying to deliver the mail. 

Spring has sprung for tom turkey and he's ready to fly the coop to copulate a hen and gobble his way to a good time. 

Who knew Tom and Tina (yes, I had to name them) would find their love nest right outside my business office window. 

I have to admit, this was my first turkey peep show and it unveiled something I hadn't seen before. 

Tom stood on Tina's back perched pompously like he had just won King of the Hill.  It's possible that Tom may have gotten his animalistic maneuvers from 50 Shades of Grey Duck or Grey Goose...whichever one fits the bill.  

However, Tina was fairly accepting of this ritual and didn't seem to mind that Tom's passion was expressed by having her pinned down with his turkey talons, while he waited for just the right carnal moment.

No romance. No cuddling. No pillow talk. 

Then, in less time it would take to make a turkey sandwich, the feathered foulness was over. 

Just like that, Tina fluffed her tail feathers and ran for the hills.

Meanwhile, Tom cocked his head, turned to look at his audience glaring from the window and then swaggered off with pride. Go figure...I suppose, it was just another notch in his feathered belt. Later, this big guy was still wandering the woods, perhaps still searching for more turkey tail to conquer.

As far as I know, a turkey never tells, so this National Geographic moment was an unforeseen eye-opener. To be honest, I don’t think I remember any turkey tango episodes on Wild Kingdom

Too bad Tom and Tina didn't have a fairy tale ending. But, who knows maybe they'll meet up again one day at the crossroads of Butterball and Jenni-O. 

Who’ll be talking turkey then?  

Have you ever interrupted a real life Wild Kingdom moment of untamed romance?

Put your smile on and unwrap
   A Square of Chocolate,
Laurie O

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  1. So funny! I don't think I've seen a wild turkey before. What a show!

    1. It was a different kind of peep show...that's for sure! Thanks for stopping by Lana! Glad it gave you a chuckle. :)

  2. Yes, a Jennie-O Turkey burger....mean huh? Great post, have a wonderful weekend - heading to Wawa for a Turkey and Cheese sub today!

    1. Antionette, I do enjoy turkey burgers! Haha! I got you thinkin' turkey now...enjoy that sub! Best wishes to you this spring season.

  3. So funny. I have to admit, I've never seen a carnal turkey moment!

    1. Lol! Laurie, I'm sure the next time you see a turkey cross the road, you'll wonder. I'm telling you, a spring fling can happen when you least expect it. :-/


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