Apr 30, 2016

Holy Guacamole! Would The Best Hiding Place Be In a Vagina?

In my 50 something years of being on this planet I've heard of some strange things, but stuffing a .22 caliber revolver in your vagina was a story headline that made me not only gasp in disbelief, but gave me an instant clenching reflex in my nethers area. 

For Real!

I'm sure professionals in the medical field have seen it all and this may not have been the most shocking place to find someone packin' a pistol. 

When did this, possibly once, sweet girl turn from playing hide-n-seek as an innocent child to being charged with smuggling and hiding a loaded revolver in her vagina?  Read the full story here

I'm just taking a shot in the dark here, but if you find yourself in a position where a vagina is the best place to conceal and carry, then you just may need more than a background check.

Will your next annual visit to the gynecologist now include getting an "all clear" of weapons checked off your medical file?

Who knows about this crazy world...It Could Happen!

How about you, are you hiding something?

This is another featured installment of Holy Guacamole, Is That For Real?Until next month's edition, expect the unexpected!

Put your smile on and unwrap
   A Square of Chocolate,
Laurie O

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