Apr 30, 2016

Holy Guacamole! Would The Best Hiding Place Be In a Vagina?

In my 50 something years of being on this planet I've heard of some strange things, but stuffing a .22 caliber revolver in your vagina was a story headline that made me not only gasp in disbelief, but gave me an instant clenching reflex in my nethers area. 

Apr 23, 2016

Life Is Short: Let's Go Crazy, Let's Get Nuts!

What can a person say that hasn't been said already? Everything you've read and learned about Prince since his death has been shared and re-shared worldwide. Do you think he realized the affect he had on so many?  I hope he did.  That kind of influence doesn't come easily. 

Prince a creator and inspirational artist had it all figured out. He knew how to create from the heart and really expressed it with genuine and passionate feeling. 


The first time I saw him perform, I knew he was a unique guy. He was cool. He was funky. He had a charismatic kind of way. He exuded individuality and rocked it.   

It was 1982 and the song then was “Little Red Corvette.” Its funky rock sound and the explicit lyrics grabbed your attention. There was nobody like him. 

Apr 8, 2016

It's Spring, Let's Talk Turkey!

I had a turkey revelation today! Spring time is when flowers are blooming, the trees are busting with buds and titillating turkeys are doing their seductive strut. 

Up till now, turkey was something I served and brought to the dinner table for Thanksgiving. Quite often, turkey is my go-to Subway sandwich and then there's the occasional turkey breast thrown on the grill for summer BBQing.  I even paid homage to the turkey by participating in the Thanksgiving Turkey Day 5k. 

This was the only turkey I saw trotting on this day. Not the gentleman, but the hat. 

However lately, I've noticed that the wild gobblers have been wandering our neighborhoods. I'm talking the city urban neighborhoods! 

Apr 6, 2016

April's Picture The Possibilities

Curious Rabbit by Darcy Sime Photography - https://www.flickr.com/photos/djsime
Listening Quote - http://www.asquareofchocolate.com/

This is April's installment of my monthly series called "Picture the Possibilities."  I'm teaming with talented photographer, Darcy Sime, who brings inspiration, beauty and wonder through her amazing photos.  I hope to share the inspiration and beauty by combining her photos along with my writing creations. 

We could take a lesson from our wildlife friends. Good listening is a necessary survival skill for these little critters. If they're not listening for clues of a predator approaching, they'll become rabbit stew. 

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