Dec 28, 2015

These Days Remembering Not To Forget Is Challenging!

We've all done it! Walked into a room and experienced a sudden memory lapse and wondered why we walked in the room in the first place. How about walking into the store only to completely forget what we needed to pick up. 

As I enter the dawn of a new age, I'm suddenly reminded that...something is happening, something has changed, and something is not the same. 

If you're over the age of 45 you might relate. 

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Lists and calendar reminders have become absolutely necessary. 

If I don't make lists or reminders I could easily drive home from work only to have forgotten that I needed to get gas, drop off the mail and pick up my son. 

Post it notes is the best invention ever!  I leave post it note reminders for myself all the time. At this age, if I didn't have lists and reminders, my life would be complete chaos. 

Even when I have a list and think I'm organized with my mind sharp as a tack, I make an ass backwards mistake and then question my sanity. 

Recently, I was at the grocery store with list in-hand and fully confident that I had every duck in a row; it was a total of 7 items. What could go wrong?

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Being in a hurry, rushing through things and doing too much multi-tasking is what went wrong. 

I had to pick up donut holes for my son's school holiday party and since I was venturing to the store, why not pick up few other items while I'm at it. If nothing else, I'm great at multi-tasking. 

However, I realized I needed to scurry through the store quickly, so I could get onto the next chore on my list. 

In a rush, I pulled into the check-out lane and while unloading my cart I clumsily hit the container of donut holes on the side of the counter. Needless to say, the container busted open and suddenly lane 5 was raining donut holes!

Embarrassed and flustered, the store clerk sympathized with me and sent Eric, the bag boy, to get a replacement. 

Feeling badly, I picked up the grime dusted donuts from the floor and then quickly started bagging my own groceries. I had all that done along with a few minutes to spare and then proceeded to wait on the sidelines for Eric to return with my donuts. 

I noticed an older guy behind me in line, also bagging his own groceries, had made some seemingly long stares in my direction. At the time, I ignored these glances as I was more interested in what was taking Eric so long. Was he pondering where donut holes came from? 

Time was ticking and I probably could've gone for the donuts myself, been in the car and driving home by now. 

Getting restless, I noticed once again the older guy was awkwardly still giving me the sly eye. 

What was his deal? Did I know him from somewhere? Did I have remnants of donut dust on my face?  His sheepish looks had me curious. 

Just then, Eric showed up, handed me the goods and off I went. 

Once I got home and unpacked my groceries, it all became clearer to me. The awkward glances and sly eye looks all started to make sense. 

I recalled when packing my own groceries that I had left behind 2 pounds of chicken in the plastic bag suspended on the bag rack.  Not surprisingly, with the donut fiasco and being distracted; I had FORGOTTEN the chicken. 

Of course, I went back to the store to find my missing chicken, but it wasn't where I had left it. I'm not positive on this, but I'm pretty sure Mr. Sly Eye POACHED my damn chicken!! 

No wonder he kept looking at me; he was trying to conceal a little chicken slip action into his own bag. 

Naturally, why wouldn't someone grab a family pack of chicken when it was left there for the taking? Finders keepers...right?!?!  Personally, I would have asked the person, who was standing right there WAITING, if it was their chicken!

All was not lost, the store manager told me to get another package and I graciously got a new pack of chicken and then just chalked it up to a moment of "Midlife Madness."

Fortunately for Mr. Sly Eye, he was savoring a meal of FILCHED chicken that night and probably thinking what an absent minded scatterbrain I was. 

Meanwhile, I learned some valuable lessons. Focus on one thing at a time, slow it down, donut holes DO bounce and DON’T FORGET to grab the chicken!

Has midlife madness gotten the best of you or have you ever forgotten your chicken?

Put your smile on and unwrap
   A Square of Chocolate,
Laurie O

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  1. Unwrapping that chocolate right now!!

  2. I was going to tell you I had the same experience, but I've forgotten now.

  3. As I approach 60, it's gotten worse. I've been on the phone an panicked because I couldn't find my phone. Chocolate is the solution... not for the memory though.

    1. I've done similar things Beth. Hooray for chocolate! Glad you stopped by.

  4. If it wasn't for my planner, I wouldn't remember ANYTHING! Notes, calendars, they're all part of my system now that my mind is a sieve. But he filched your fowl? Baaad!
    Carol Cassara

    1. LOL! He certainly DID and it happened just before Christmas too! Very baaad!

  5. It's like you wrote this post for me :) Gosh, do I love me a fresh pack of brightly colored sticky notes!

    1. They are the best thing ever and invented at 3M right here in my home state of Minnesota! Thanks for commenting Bee! :)


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