Dec 30, 2015

Holy Guacamole! New Years Eve in Times Square Costs How Much?

Would you like to ring in the New Year at New York's Times Square this New Years Eve?

Sounds like fun, but not without ringing up a $1799 dinner tab for two at Ruby Tuesday's!!

For real and that's A Lot of Guacamole!

Dec 28, 2015

These Days Remembering Not To Forget Is Challenging!

We've all done it! Walked into a room and experienced a sudden memory lapse and wondered why we walked in the room in the first place. How about walking into the store only to completely forget what we needed to pick up. 

As I enter the dawn of a new age, I'm suddenly reminded that...something is happening, something has changed, and something is not the same. 

If you're over the age of 45 you might relate. 

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Lists and calendar reminders have become absolutely necessary. 

If I don't make lists or reminders I could easily drive home from work only to have forgotten that I needed to get gas, drop off the mail and pick up my son. 

Dec 20, 2015

Healthy Chocolate Mint Smoothie with Raspberries and Avocado

Does Christmas time beg for something healthy? Or, maybe not!  After all, the holidays is the time to splurge a little...right?  However, maybe you're really yearning for a treat, but a healthy one!

If this is the case and you want to feel like your indulging, but really want to make better choices.  Then here's a smoothie that has all good healthy stuff in it, but you wouldn't know it.

Healthy Chocolate Mint Smoothie with Raspberries and Avocado

If you're a smoothie aficionado, then you know how great an avocado can make a difference in a smoothie. I'm sure by now, you've heard how avocados have a substantial amount of monounsaturated fat (the good fat) and have nearly 20 nutrients and contain a numerous amount of health benefits.  Don't believe me? Read Medical News Today to find out how super fantastic these little green gems hold up.

Dec 15, 2015

Toy Story is 20 and Other Surprising Celebrations From 1995!

The number 20 has special meaning this year. My daughter turns 20 on the 20th. It's her Golden Birthday.  What a fun number to be celebrating on a golden day. 

This special occasion got me thinking what turn of events happened 20 years ago in 1995. How could 20 years have come and gone so quickly? 

What sparked these thoughts was not only my daughter celebrating 20 years but also learning that the movie Toy Story is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Wow, hard to believe!

Image Source:

Undoubtedly, this movie was a major part of my daughter’s childhood. It was probably the first movie that she experienced as a young child. 

That movie must have been played 100+ times in our household. It holds a wonderful memory for me as I remember distinctly her out loud laughter at one very random scene of this movie. It wasn't even a outwardly funny scene, but the movement of one toy struck her funny bone and made her giggle with tears every time. When she laughed - I laughed. Such sweet memories. 

Dec 9, 2015

Christmas Shopping Isn't For Sissies!

Hi, I'm Laurie and I'm a Christmas Shopping Sissy. I admit it...I'm in the Sissy Club. In fact, not only am I a club member - I'm the Club President

Christmas shopping is for the strong and retail determined go-getters. That's not me!  I don't have the stamina of the Energizer Bunny. I don't have the patience of a Saint and I don't have the retail survival skills of an Eagle Scout

I went Christmas shopping this past weekend with some gal pals and if it wasn't for needing to check items off my Christmas list, enjoy some friendship camaraderie and a good stiff drink(s), I may not be encouraged to do a 2 day shopping binge. 

As I get older, I've noticed I'm less tolerant to the Christmas shopping dilemmas. As much as I try to avoid it, I'm easily becoming a shopping sissy. 

Dec 3, 2015

Miracle On 8th Avenue...My Classic Christmas Story

If it hadn’t been for the chicken pox that I had gotten at age 6 the day before Christmas Eve, I may not have experienced the most memorable Christmas I had as a kid.

I think most people can relate to Good and Bad Christmas moments in their lifetime.  For some, it isn’t all holly jolly, sugar plums and silver bells on Christmas.  Unfortunately, many people experience stress and loneliness this time of year. It can be a very depressing time for those that don’t have family members to share it with or who are simply discouraged by the season itself.

I think that’s why these classic Christmas movies have lasted the test of time year after year.  A Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life.  Then, of course, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, and my personal favorite Miracle on 34th Street.

There’s something about these classic stories that bring out our Christmas spirit.  They tug at our heart strings or attempt to conjure up emotions of our own special holiday moments.  We’d like to think it will bring happiness and strength to those less fortunate and are struggling.

Noticeably, all of the characters in these movies start out seeking the truth, attempting to find joy and love, or half wittingly trying to light up the house with an enormous amount of Christmas lights.  In the end, through all of their moments of sadness, despair and failures; they find hope, love and belief in the spirit of Christmas.

This is usually when the water works start and you begin to think of your own memories of Christmas past.  It’s like your hopes and dreams have been tucked away and packaged up like little gifts and are waiting to be unwrapped during this special time of year.

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