Sep 2, 2015

It's Just Like Riding a Bike

You must remember your first time riding a bike?  Or, maybe you don’t!  It’s hard to believe that there's grown adults out there that have never learned to ride a bike in their whole life growing up. 

That is until now where one company, Bike New York, actually has beginner classes on how to do just that.

According to this NBC News episode, 8% of adults have never ridden a bike. Watch the episode link for more details.

I'll admit, I never considered the people who didn't have the means or opportunity to do so. 

My first tricycle was given to me by my grandpa. I was sportin' a 60's pixie cut and burning up concrete on three wheels!
After mastering the trike, I skipped right over training wheels and went straight to my first big girl bike.  This wasn't some in-betweener bike like many kids have today. It was a regular hand-me-down adult size bike. It was an older blue bike with big fenders and ZERO fancy speed settings. It was to be my first wheels of freedom to roam the neighborhood at will. 

I remember my aunt pushing me from behind the bike’s seat and running alongside to give me a good shove to set me off into a risky spin down the sidewalk. 

There I was riding my big girl bike like a goofy unbalanced circus clown, but enjoying every wobbly moment of it. 

My balancing act lasted about a minute and half before falling over. After a skinned knee or two, soon I was riding no handed and proving my circus act wasn't a complete flop. 

Later, I'd pimp my ride with a clothes pin and playing card clipped to the spoke for that propelled clicking sound that drove your parents and neighbors nuts. The faster you went, the more powerful and revved up the bike would sound. This tank of a bike was new to me and a pretty cool ride even though I had a hard time reaching the pedals. 

I thought everyone had that experience as a kid. It's almost the expected next stage for a kid right after learning to walk. 

Watching my own kids learning to ride their first bike was a big deal. We had a nice sloping hill in our backyard where they could get a good start at the top and with the downhill momentum practice balancing and maneuvering. Once they ran out of steam, they could safely topple over in the grass. 

Each completed downhill run was finished with cheers and proud smiles. 

I still love riding my bike!  There's nothing better than to get on the bike trails to really soak in the scenery and get some wind in your face. 

I even participated in a bike “Tour de Bar.”  It’s exactly that…a biking tour to different bars.  It’s a community event where bicyclists gather to ride bikes from one bar to another.  There is a purpose besides the food and suds.  It’s an annual event to help raise money for a local individual dealing with cancer.  The money raised helps relieve any financial hardships for the person and the family.  It’s a fun event and you definitely don’t want to partake at every bar.  That WOULD be a clown show!!

After hearing about grown adults just learning to ride a bike for the first time, it made me realize how fortunate I was to have experienced riding a bike as a kid and to appreciate those memories. 

It’s about the Simple Pleasures in life. Everyone should experience their first Circus Clown Bike Ride

Glad these folks in New York are doing just that no matter what their age. Once you’ve accomplished that, then the rest is Just Like Riding a Bike.”

One woman at 60 years old, finished her beginner class and said she’s ready for rollerblading next!  How awesome is that!!!

Do you have fond memories of your first bike?  

Get on your bike and ride!

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  1. I have no memories of receiving the bike etc. I just remember a deep and an abiding love for the banana seat.

    1. I was so jealous of the kids that had a banana seat! Never had one :(

  2. I used to love bike riding when I was a kid. I rode everyday as a kidI was just thinking of how awesome it would be to get a bike again.

    1. Yes, you should...get some wind in your hair and be a kid again! hehe Thanks for stopping by :)

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