Sep 29, 2015

Is It Really A Man's Desire?

As men gather in the building's lower level of a darken room, with its low ceiling and limited space, it's clear it will be hard to handle the male testosterone excitement of full grown men. 

They gather shoulder to shoulder enticed by the upcoming show that features a mix of Loveliness and Raw Filth

These dozen, or so, men are savagely mesmerized and don't care about the grunge and darkness that this limited space provides. They have a front row spot and don't want to miss a single turn or grind

The pure pleasure of watching the sexy swaying movement of sheer garments as it dances gently around the curved pedestal is more than these hardcore action starved men can handle. 

One man sits with his face hard-pressed against the glass as his hot breath creates a steamy fog on its outer layer. Through the steam and sweat, he watches every circular bumping and rocking.  His gaze can't be distracted. 

Another older and married gentlemen, is smiling with devoted love in his eyes. He's enthralled with the beauty and shimmer that only intensifies his desires. 

A middle aged man, who just arrived to this hot mess, has an obsessed fixation to see a rare performance, which is why he traveled from Canada just to catch a glimpse. 

Each graceful flow of clothes falling and tumbling creates a sweet scent as it cosmetically covers up the musty and sweaty smell of the confined room. 

It becomes a visual sensory overload and the enthusiasm heightens. 

These hot under the collar middle-aged men come together regularly To DO......

The LAUNDRY!!  I'm not shitting you!!

If you thought this was leading to some kind of soft porn story...well you'd be half right. The REAL story is about the passion and desires for collecting antique and rare washing machines. 

The story above isn’t far from the truth on the level of the passionate feelings they have for watching a 57 Speed Queen or a 1957 Blackstone " The Pounder" B250 wash a load of laundry. 

That's one weird fetish, you may be thinking! However, this freak show is taken with all seriousness and these are a group of men that have formed an Appliance Collectors Club that’s about 3,000 members strong.  Members in the washing machine club are as far away as Madagascar and Australia.

When I first watched this story on CBS Sunday Morning Show, I couldn't help but relate the story to a sexy stripper scene.  Watch this episode and you'll know exactly what I mean. Check out the guy deeply focused on the clothes dryer and you'll understand how I was inspired. 

Quite frankly, I’m thinking this story should be written from the perspective of women's desires. To actually find a man that loves to DO all the laundry...that's Impossibly Sexy

If after reading this, you have a sudden urge to wanna Shag – just thank “The Pounder.”

One question, do you like it Heavy or Delicate?  

Without a doubt, this deserves “a square of chocolate!”

Indulging In the Write Stuff 

One More Thing Before You Go!

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  1. That is too funny! I was about to start blushing...

    1. Angela, thanks for your honesty! That's what I was trying to accomplish. Glad you stopped by :)

  2. Oh my goodness You had me going! Laundry. Who would have thought?

    1. Lol and a wink! Who would've thought men could get so charged up over laundry!!


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