Sep 29, 2015

Is It Really A Man's Desire?

As men gather in the building's lower level of a darken room, with its low ceiling and limited space, it's clear it will be hard to handle the male testosterone excitement of full grown men. 

They gather shoulder to shoulder enticed by the upcoming show that features a mix of Loveliness and Raw Filth

These dozen, or so, men are savagely mesmerized and don't care about the grunge and darkness that this limited space provides. They have a front row spot and don't want to miss a single turn or grind

The pure pleasure of watching the sexy swaying movement of sheer garments as it dances gently around the curved pedestal is more than these hardcore action starved men can handle. 

One man sits with his face hard-pressed against the glass as his hot breath creates a steamy fog on its outer layer. Through the steam and sweat, he watches every circular bumping and rocking.  His gaze can't be distracted. 

Sep 25, 2015

Sharing The Admiration - Blogger Recognition Award

It was very nice and pretty cool to be nominated for this award from a fellow blogger, Leanne at CrestingThe Hill.  We have some common reasons for our blog beginnings.  We both started a new venture in our midlife years and have found inspiration and knowledge from others in this same blogosphere.

It’s my understanding, to graciously accept this Blogger Award; I need to follow a few simple guidelines.

Sep 17, 2015

When Shoe Shopping, Be Sure To Bring Clint Eastwood!

It's just about fall y'all and when glancing down at my toes while sitting on the toilet (TMI), I noticed that I've let my little piggies go. I've slacked in the polishing and toe grooming a bit. 

At the beginning of spring/summer season we're so excited to break out the sandals. We want to make sure the toes are glammin' and jammin' for the world to see. (Flashback – check out my spring post:  “Don’t Pull My Toes”).

So, here we are at the end of summer and my toe glammin' days have become somewhat lazy. 

My shoe shopping desires have switched from wanting slinky sandals to maybe a pair of boots. 

Last summer when I was on the search for a new pair of sandals, I realized a lot of time can be spent in the shoe section. It's a lot of work trying to find the perfect style, right color, and the best heel height. After you find them, then for God sake's they'd better be in your shoe size. 

Walking up and down the rows and rows of shoes displayed on their little shoe stage, you can easily do about 12 laps around just making sure you didn't overlook any winning style.  

After rummaging and seeking, I finally see it there - in all its glory!  It's perched on its little pedestal shouting "here I am, here I am." "I'm the perfect shoe!"

I noticed another shoe crazed lady on the other end of the aisle eyeballing the
same perched shoe. Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, it felt like and old western scene. 

Sep 12, 2015

Tomato Basil Dip

We've been harvesting cherry tomatoes until they've been coming out of our ears!  Nature's candy, I call them and I love them!  However, I have to find other ways to use these babies, besides sitting down with a bowl and popping in my mouth one after the other.

So, once again, I found this simple, simple easy recipe on Kraft's website.  Kraft never seems to fail me. Especially where cream cheese is involved!

It literally takes 10 minutes to put 5 ingredients together for your next September soiree with friends.  This is so simple and tastes incredibly fresh and fantastic spread on your favorite crackers.

Sep 8, 2015

Flying High and Summer Breezes

Labor Day weekend here in Minnesota is sort of the last hurrah to summer before everything is all pumpkins and apples.  The weekend was all about flying high and summer breezes.

My son turned 16 the end of August and, on many occasions, reminded us that he's only traveled to 3 other states in his WHOLE 16 years. Those being our surrounding neighbors Wisconsin, North Dakota and Iowa, all of which were traveled by car. 

This being the case and apparently not the most exciting travels for a teenager, he often would bring up the fact that he's never been up in a plane. Not only that, like so many of his friends that have flown to Mexico, Florida, Hawaii and even overseas, he's never been anywhere cool. 

What? You mean the World’s Largest Buffalo in North Dakota wasn't exciting enough! 

Flying High
In order to mark this off the bucket list of a 16 year old birthday boy, Mister O thought it a fun idea to get him up in a 4 seater Cessna 172 plane for a little 1 hour tour. Granted it wasn't Hawaii, but at least it got him 2000 feet off the ground and flying.  It's a start!

We joined for the ride and besides it being hotter than 4 people crammed snugly into a tin can, it was a fun experience. I've only flown by jet plane, so this was an experience even for me. I checked it off my bucket list too!

Sep 5, 2015

Back To School Shopping Gave Me Mom Rage!

I'm not a procrastinator and usually pretty organized, but this year I really failed on school supply shopping. The 2 hour shopping event turned me into a folder hunting crazed mother!

I think the Back-To-School displays were up in stores just a month after school let out for the summer. I'm not, and never have been that kind of super-efficient mom that does school shopping before the 4th of July. C'mon the kids just got out for the summer. 

I suppose by August, though, I should get a move on it. In the years past when the kids were younger they were always so charged up to get their school supplies and we were ahead of the rush. This year my daughter is in her second year of college and my son will be a junior in high school, so priorities have changed a bit. 

College classes started mid-August, so we concentrated on getting my daughter all set and off on her way. On the other hand, my son just started a new job and had been very busy working.  His birthday is in August and Mister O and I celebrate our anniversary on the same day as his birthday, so between all these goings on, school supply shopping kept getting lower on the to do list. 

Finally, a week before school, I told my son he needed to go over the school list and we absolutely had to get this done before they put the Christmas stuff out. You KNOW I'm right on this!  Christmas season seems to keep getting earlier.  I know people do their Christmas shopping in July, but seriously, soon we'll have school supplies displayed right next to the Christmas trees. 

Sep 2, 2015

It's Just Like Riding a Bike

You must remember your first time riding a bike?  Or, maybe you don’t!  It’s hard to believe that there's grown adults out there that have never learned to ride a bike in their whole life growing up. 

That is until now where one company, Bike New York, actually has beginner classes on how to do just that.

According to this NBC News episode, 8% of adults have never ridden a bike. Watch the episode link for more details.

I'll admit, I never considered the people who didn't have the means or opportunity to do so. 

My first tricycle was given to me by my grandpa. I was sportin' a 60's pixie cut and burning up concrete on three wheels!
After mastering the trike, I skipped right over training wheels and went straight to my first big girl bike.  This wasn't some in-betweener bike like many kids have today. It was a regular hand-me-down adult size bike. It was an older blue bike with big fenders and ZERO fancy speed settings. It was to be my first wheels of freedom to roam the neighborhood at will. 

I remember my aunt pushing me from behind the bike’s seat and running alongside to give me a good shove to set me off into a risky spin down the sidewalk. 

There I was riding my big girl bike like a goofy unbalanced circus clown, but enjoying every wobbly moment of it. 

My balancing act lasted about a minute and half before falling over. After a skinned knee or two, soon I was riding no handed and proving my circus act wasn't a complete flop. 

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