Jul 19, 2015

The Audition - It's Never Too Late

The anxiety builds the moment I arrived. I hesitate to jump out of the car. I stay seated gazing out the windshield and pondering that this just may be the stupidest idea I've had! I'm too old for this. I have no experience. I've never done this before.  Why did I drive over here? All these thoughts roll through my head. An article in my local newspaper prompted me to consider the idea. 

Local actors wanted for a community interactive play. If 
you live in the area and are interested in having a role in 
the play, come audition and do a reading for us. 

The article had me intrigued. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. In high school, I'd go to plays that classmates were in and sometimes wondered about participating myself. I never did! Fear, insecurities and shyness got the best of me. All those days and years after high school, I kept that silly little dream in the back of my head. I figured I'd always enjoy others acting talents from the viewers side of the stage. 

I was in my late forties when I decided to go to that audition. Being older, wiser, more confident and with a "what the hell" attitude, I found myself in a nearly vacant parking lot sitting in my car contemplating my next plan of action. 

I didn't tell anybody, not even Mister O, that I was going to audition for a play. What if I decided NOT to go through with it, then I would only disappoint myself and not others. In case of rejection, there'd be less explaining to do. 

What have I got to lose? What's the worst that could happen? Just that I'd suck and then I could finally move on from this acting pipedream.

With a lot of self-talk, I finally got the nerve to get out of the car. While carrying a ball of nervousness in my stomach and a head dizzy of the unexpected, I walked into that audition and just did the best I could. 

Surprisingly, the directors were nice enough to share that for a person with no acting experience, I had done a pretty good job. 

Crazy! You mean if I had done this year’s ago, I could be in Hollywood movies by now?!?!

Yeah, probably not! I think in life things happen for a reason. This, most likely, is the way it should be for me. 

When I left the audition, I felt good. No biggie if nothing comes from it, at least I took the first step, followed through and did it!  It was an exhilarating feeling. 

Well lo and behold, I got the call back a few days later and they offered me a small part in the play. This news was like fireworks had just exploded in my head - excitement, waves of anticipation and visions of bright expectations. Really...me? You want me?

Here it was…it was my opportunity staring me right in the face. Actually, it was pausing on the other side of the phone line waiting for an answer. Then, just like that, I said "I'll do it, I'll be there."

I ended up getting the role to play a younger pregnant lady. Make sure you don't SKIP over reading that part! Yes, you read it right. YOUNGER and PREGNANT!  Was this good casting? Well, just so you know, IT WAS a comedy. 

My first-time acting experience was one for the memory books.  I met some wonderfully nice people, had a fantastic fun time and learned a lot about myself. 

When sitting in the car that day contemplating this crazy acting idea, I had never imagined at age 47, amidst midlife, that I could possibly be younger and pregnant again! Pretty cool, huh?  It's never too late!

The whole reason for sharing this story, now 5 years later, is because I watched a terrific story from the CBS News program 60 Minutes that had brought back memories of this moment for me.

I think the story is incredibly inspirational for all ages and for all people with different interests. However it's especially moving if you happen to be in your fifties or older. Be sure to watch this video: Alive and Kickin' - CBS News

Can't watch it now, Bookmark it for later. It's a neat, neat story of what little we know about people and that their real life story is more amazing than anything that could be made up for a play production. 

One thing I picked up from watching this segment is that the “First half of life is for learning; the second half for living!”  

From my personal experience, it is SO true!  What dreams do you need to start living?

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

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  1. Good for you for following your dream! I have another dear friend, Elizabeth, who just got into acting as her nest has been emptying. I think it's terrific!

    1. Thanks Susan! Glad you shared the link to Alive and Kickin'. It proves you're never too old.


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