May 8, 2015

The Good, Bad And Ugly Side Of Mothers

As we honor our moms this upcoming Mother’s Day, it makes me think of some childhood memories. 

As a kid, the only thing we scuffled over was where the next game of Kick The Can, Red Light/Green Light, or Captain May I was taking place. 

I also remember the game, Step On A Crack, Break Your Mothers Back.

We always tried to dodge every crack in the sidewalk, possibly thinking, by stepping on a crack you could actually break your mothers back. 

There may have been a time or two that I purposely stepped on a crack!  Yeah, don't gasp, we've all had those bitter moments. 

After a day around the neighborhood, you had to be sure you were home when the town whistle blew. 

Yes, my town had a curfew whistle. Not sure, maybe it wasn't meant for that, but that was our signal. 

One time, I came in 10 minutes past the curfew and, oh Lordy, the UGLY side of my grandmother appeared. She happened to be visiting that night and she gave me a scolding tongue lashing stressing the importance of a curfew and I'd better be punctual next time. 

Let's just say, I wasn't ever late again after seeing that side of my grandma. 

Admit it, some childhood memories of our mothers and other matriarchs in our life haven’t been all sweet smiles and apple pie. 

Mother's Day we're gushing and thanking our moms for the love and how wonderful they are.

Thankfully, I’m lucky, I have many fond mother is an awesome lady.  I can honestly say, I'm a better person, because of my mom. 

As a mom myself, I know I can't have fabulous kids without a little heartache along the way. Undoubtedly, I've expressed my good, bad, and ugly sides.

My mom, admittedly, spanked me when I used crayons to draw all over grandma’s walls. 

Yep, that same grandma!  Afterwards, grandma was so very "kind" to bring out the bucket of water and scrub brush. No hugs and candy that day!

My mom can make an amazing pecan pie and throw together a ham dinner like nobody's business, which I'm grateful for. I feel that I'm a pretty decent cook, because of my mom.

However, my mom didn't like dirty dishes sitting in the sink for any length of time. Somebody could come over at any given moment and see dirty dishes. "Wash the dishes!"

My mom didn't like an unmade bed. Somebody could come over at any given moment and see an unmade bed. "Make your bed!"

My mom didn't like flattened unfluffed carpet. Somebody could come over at any given moment and see unfluffed carpet. "Vacuum the carpet!"

My mom didn't like unpressed clothes.  You guessed it, "Iron the clothes!"

"Wash, clean, iron, and vacuum, Cinderella...I mean Laurie, you can't go to the ball until it's all done!"

Don't be mistaken, my mom wasn't anything like the cruel mom from the Cinderella story. 

You must know, I have a pretty good sense of humor. Indeed, because of my mom!! 

If your mom didn't tell you to do some of these similar chores, then I'm sorry to hear that!!  

You see, ever since I moved away from the village to reign over my own castle. I wash my dishes, I make my bed, my carpet is fluffed and here’s a shocker, I don't draw with crayons on walls anymore!!!

On the other hand, something has to be really, really wrinkled before I'll pull out an iron! Isn't that what tumble press on the dryer is for?

I had to have one rebellious thing! I bet you have that "one thing" too. 

If your mom shows all of her sides ...a little good, a little bad and a little ugly – you’re fortunate, that's the way it should be!!!  How else would we become the person we are? How else would we learn respect and responsibility?

If you think a Fairy Godmother is going to poof in and save the day, don't be fooled! You might recall...Cinderella's Fairy Godmother had one ugly rule. A STRICT CURFEW! 

To all mothers - Happy Mother’s Day 
and keep expressing all sides of you!

Cheers to awesome moms!

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  1. So missing my Mom! Her Parkinson's took her from us almost two decades ago, though she passed away only 16 years ago.
    We had a curfew siren, too! 6:00 PM. And woe be unto any kid from our household who didn't appear before it went! Of course, on the ranch, things were a bit different. No siren. Just a trusty old bell from a civil war era train. And if one wanted to eat, one was in line ahead of the hired men! Because everyone beat a path to our house for Mom's cooking!

    1. The dinner bell is a good one to obey if you wanted a good meal! Diane, I always appreciate your ranch stories. Happy Mother's Day to you!


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