May 1, 2015

Share A Shower...With Bon Jovi?

California is in a drought and residents are being asked to conserve water. 

Just for fun and bubbles, Los Angles Entertainment News Show Dish Nation, asked people on the street, "Which Celebs Would Angelinos Shower With To Help The Drought?"  Check out what they said.

Personally, I like to shower solo! It's far from a romantic thing for me. I'm there to wash the schvitz, shampoo and shave. 

Get in and get out, then onto the rest of my beauty regimen. No Hanky Panky, just time for moisturizing, plucking and primping. 

Howeverrrr, let's just say Jon Bon Jovi stopped by with his soap on a rope and over-sized loofah and said he was a "Runaway" water conservist and it was imperative that I do my part to conserve water by showering with him. 

Naturally, I'd say that's like a "Shot Through The Heart" and, of course, "I'll Be There For You!"  

"Thank You For Loving Me," he'd say as he turns on the shower water. 

I would politely explain to Jon that "We Weren't Born to Follow," but I'd make an exception this one time. 

He would respond that we're all "Livin' On A Prayer!" Frankly, water shouldn't be taken for granted. 

I shouted, "It's My Life," as we stepped into the shower. 

Appropriately so, Jon calmed me down offering me the soap and over-sized loofah. "Keep The Faith," he said sweetly.

As the shower water is pouring over our bodies, Jon pointed out that we LOVE water too much! It's being abused!  He yells at me, "You Give Love A Bad Name."

He's right! Reluctantly, I would reply, "Raise Your Hands" and proceed to lather the Bon Bons. 

However, the cramped quarters of the shower is beginning to annoy me. Jon takes that personnally. I'm so "Misunderstood!" 

Shampooing my hair isn't easy with 2 people in the shower. I was about to slip out, then Jon shows his pout face and utters, "Never Say Goodbye."

I looked back at his, slippery when wetbody and feeling water logged and slippery myself, I had to tell him to go home. He was like "Bad Medicine!"

He doesn't understand, my shower is too small, why doesn't Jon go home?  He claims he can't. I inquisitively asked, "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" 

It's a "Lost Highway" Jon expressed sadly. 

Quite frankly, this whole water conservation thing is boring me...I mean I live in Minnesota! Land of 10,000 lakes! Duh...we have water!!

Jon just has to understand that I'm a ONE shower person! I don't go soaping around! 

Even if I'm "Wanted Dead Or Alive," I'll go down in a "Blaze Of Glory!"  WATER, LOOFAH and ALL!!

Celebrity or no celebrity and water or no water, he has to take his soap on rope and go "Away."

However, if for some ODD reason he should become a florist and prepare a "Bed Of Roses," - well, throw in "a square of chocolate" and I might reconsider. "Have A Nice Day!"

It could happen. 

What celebrity would you share a shower? Or, skip it - it's too much damn DRAMA!!

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Share a shower with a celebrity and have "A Nice Day!"

Put your smile on and unwrap
   A Square of Chocolate,
Laurie O

For all you Bon Jovi Fans - enjoy Livin' On A Prayer

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  1. ah, you are too funny! But I like this question! I need to ponder it for a minute.

  2. OMGoodness! You are hilarious. I love, love your little shower story. Damn good writing! Let me see, I would shower know, I thought this would be an easy one. I'm with you, I prefer my showers solo.

  3. Thanks ladies! Glad you got a kick out of it!! Yay for water :)


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