May 29, 2015

In Search Of The Game Day PicklePup

It's officially summer when you can kick off the Memorial weekend to go to a baseball game. 

Minnesota has a minor league team, The St Paul Saints, that just had their grand home opener of their new stadium. 

The CHS Field in downtown St. Paul was unveiled May 17th to an excited crowd eager for hometown baseball, hot dogs, beer and burgers. 

St. Paul Saints owner Mike Veeck and partial owner Bill Murray bring a lot of unusual fun to Saints baseball. Yes, that Bill Murray, the actor from SNL and Caddyshack fame. Besides watching baseball, the Saints game is entertaining with silly antics, nuns giving massages, pigs delivering baseballs, spectators participating in contests and a whole cast of characters roaming the stands. Read more about Saints game shenanigans and history tidbits in this article from St. Paul Magazine: St. Paul Saints Move to Lowertown


Of course there's the food! I have to admit for my first game of the summer, I was less interested in watching the game and more interested in checking out the new stadium and embarking on my steadfast search for the PicklePup!  

Just so you know this was my devoted mission as soon as I entered through the “Saints Gates.”  Since we only purchased general admission tickets and didn’t buy tickets for reserved seats, I figured I’d come back another time to actually sit down and be “all in” for a baseball game.  

However, this summer kickoff game was about seeing what the CHS field had to offer and to indulge my foodie fancy by finding that PicklePup. 

I learned about the PicklePup from the news coverage that was broadcasted at the Saints game opener a few nights earlier.  They had sought out the pickle guy, who was peddling his PicklePups at the game that night.

When he brought the PicklePup to the camera with its golden goodness prominently suspended in luster, my eyes were tantalized while my taste buds underwent an immense craving.  I quickly found all my attention was on the pickle guy and hanging on his next words of what made these pups so special.

The PicklePup is a whole dill pickle on a stick, injected with cream cheese and wrapped in some kind of dough wrap and fried to a crispy golden brown.  I LOVE deep-fried pickles, in general, but the added cream cheese is what got me drooling like a bloodhound on a wild boar hunt.  CRAZY…maybe, but let’s just say I wanted to have that PicklePup!!
I made two, possibly, three walkabouts of that stadium and saw NO PicklePup signs, I saw NO one walking and eating a PicklePup, I asked stadium employees and they had NO idea where to get the PicklePup!  As my desperation and hunger increased, I thought, is it possible the PicklePup was a “One Game Wonder?”

I sat down and watched, in much disgust, as Mister O ate his Home Run Burger. The Home Run consisted of 4 beef patties and 4 slices of cheese on a bun with tomato, lettuce and onion.  This is waaay too much beef for me!  Even, Mister O wimped out and only ate half.  He'd never make it on Man vs. Food. Ha!

All the while, I sat weeping over a mystical PICKLE!!!!  I couldn’t let this whole pickle thing ruin my night out with Mister O and the Nickmeister.  I would just have to accept that tonight wasn’t to be PicklePup destiny and I’d have to settle for a stupid ass hot dog!

I choked back the tears and an ice cold beer and actually decided on a Grilled Turkey Panini Sandwich.  It was very good, but certainly NOT a PicklePup!

All in all the Saints game was fun, with a great stadium located in Lowertown offering plenty of entertainment in both the Lowertown area and at the game.

Not sure why I didn’t think of this while at the game, but I looked up the PicklePup online afterwards and found out they were located in the Fries and Pies Concessions.  I must have walked by that 3 times and didn’t see it listed on the menu.  Either it wasn’t boldly identified or I was too “pickled” to see it!

Now that I know, I guarantee I’ll be going back to a St. Paul Saints game!

It is my PicklePup awaits!! 

Do you have a food craving that you'd search out?

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

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  1. I'm fascinated by the Pickle Pup----never heard if it before, and I LOVE fried pickles. I need to find a place that makes these!!!

  2. Have yet to get my pickle fix, but I will be for summers end! Good luck on your search for the PicklePup :)

  3. wow they truly do sound yummy! I will have to hunt for one next time we go to a game. Thanks for sharing I would have never known about picklepups! (carolann from

  4. I love them pickle pups. I even occasionally have them for breakfast. Check out Trader Joe's frozen department


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