May 17, 2015

5 Reasons You Should Kick Your Scale To The Curb!

How many times have you stepped on the scale and yelled, "you deceitful LIAR!"

My whole life I've fought with the scale. It all started right after I took my first breath and made my presence to the world. The doctor who did the delivery, put me on the scale for the official weigh-in and announced, "8 lbs. 3 oz. - WOW, she's going to be a BIG one!"   

Thanks Doctor Dick! Way to give me a weight complex a minute out of the womb! These days that weigh-in amount seems pretty average. However, in the 60's that was considered, by baby standards, a real Butterball

Maybe, if I had kicked the scale to the curb (and the doctor) at that point, I would have set a presentence from the very beginning. I could have saved years of scale hatred.  

Following, are the moments that it's right to pick up the scale and shake it, yell at it and kick it to the curb! 

1.  Weight Loss Failure by Exercise:  You've exercised your butt off for months. With confidence, you step on the scale and the spinner or digital ticker jumps up 5 pounds MORE!  How can that be? Is it really muscle weight, like so many say? Or, is that a crock to make you feel better? This wreaks scale injustice.  Feel free to Kick It To The Curb!

2.  Weight Loss Failure by Diet:  You've lived on kale, tuna and pickle juice for 3 months. Step on the scale and you’ve only lost ONE stink in' pound! "WHY do you punish me – you horrible excuse for a weight measuring contraption?" Feel free to Kick It To The Curb!

3.  Post Pregnancy:  Here’s where we put too much pressure on ourselves.  Most women DO NOT walk out of the delivery room wearing their pre-pregnancy jeans!  However, it can be very gut wrenching to step on the scale to see the truth revealed.  You’re left asking…"are you absolutely positive I didn’t have a 40 pound baby?" Feel free to Kick It To The Curb!

4.  The Doctor’s Office:  You're feeling pretty self-assured that you've finally lost those last few pounds. For once, your scale at home was treating you right. 

However, you step on the scale at the doctor’s office and, shockingly, you've gained 7 pounds overnight. What the HELL!  How did this happen? You stress firmly to the nurse that there must be something wrong with their's definitely off by 7 lbs. 

"No, I'm sorry all checks and balances have been verified for accuracy," she answers smugly.  

Between gritted teeth and grumbling, "That's BULL!"  "I'm not packing a 7 pound pumpkin under my shirt." "Where did the 7 pounds come from?" 

Nurse know it all, nervously responds, "ummm...maybe it's water weight ma'am." 

When stepping off and nobody is looking, feel free to Kick It To The Curb!  The scale...not the nurse.

5.  Getting Older Syndrome:  Need I say more?  You've battled and forced yourself to exercise. Vowed to eat healthy and watch portion size. Unexpectedly, middle age creeps in to give you the big middle finger along with extra poundage. Your scale is sitting nearby laughing and mocking you.  "Doctor Dick was right!"

What have you got to lose, apparently not weight, so this is where you pick up the scale and for the last time, feel free to Kick It To The Curb!

Doctor Dick
Most certainly, what Doctor Dick failed to mention is that the scale isn't a good way of measuring GREATNESS

Exercise, walk, bike or do any activity because it helps to feel good about you.

Eat healthy and find foods you like that nourish and make you feel good inside. 

Don't live by the scale. It doesn't tell the whole truth. Do what feels right for you. 

Make healthy choices, then attitude and gratitude will follow. 

If anyone should tell you differently, feel free know!

Spoken from a bona-fide scale hater, “Miss Butterball."

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

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  1. Amen to all of that. That is some great advice.

  2. AMEN! #5 can bite it! We don't have a scale in our house and I am 100% fine with that!

  3. REMEMBER: Whatever you do is BETTER THAN NOTHING!


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