May 29, 2015

In Search Of The Game Day PicklePup

It's officially summer when you can kick off the Memorial weekend to go to a baseball game. 

Minnesota has a minor league team, The St Paul Saints, that just had their grand home opener of their new stadium. 

The CHS Field in downtown St. Paul was unveiled May 17th to an excited crowd eager for hometown baseball, hot dogs, beer and burgers. 

St. Paul Saints owner Mike Veeck and partial owner Bill Murray bring a lot of unusual fun to Saints baseball. Yes, that Bill Murray, the actor from SNL and Caddyshack fame. Besides watching baseball, the Saints game is entertaining with silly antics, nuns giving massages, pigs delivering baseballs, spectators participating in contests and a whole cast of characters roaming the stands. Read more about Saints game shenanigans and history tidbits in this article from St. Paul Magazine: St. Paul Saints Move to Lowertown


Of course there's the food! I have to admit for my first game of the summer, I was less interested in watching the game and more interested in checking out the new stadium and embarking on my steadfast search for the PicklePup!  

May 25, 2015

Cowboy Caviar Skillet Breakfast

If you can throw it all in a skillet to cook, then hitch me up.  Easy, quick and loaded with all-in-one goodness!

Literally, no fuss and you don't need any special skillet skills.  Just slice, saute, scoop and simmer.  

May 20, 2015

Forgiveness Brings Unlikely Pair Together From Tragedy

If you've been around my blog for any length of time, you know I often share humor and lighthearted stories. I try to write content that brings a smile and maybe an actual chuckle. However, there are times we have to get serious for a moment. 

Sometimes people do some pretty extraordinary things that just have to be shared and we need to move it forward. So that's what I intend to do!

We've all heard about many drunk driving fatalities over the years and I'm always saddened and troubled when I hear someone has died due to a car crash involving a drunk driver. 

MADD organization was created to get the word out about the dangers and awful circumstances that can happen while driving under the influence. However, we still continue to hear about these tragedies.

So many lives affected. The ones who've lost their lives, the ones who’ve survived, and the families and friends connected to those involved. 

It seems, the drunk driver that caused the accident, many times ends up being the sole survivor. Knowing their life was spared makes a person question the meaning of such fate. I don't think I'm alone in saying, why did this person (drunk driver) survive? 

Personally, I've never had any connection to losing someone this way. My anger is very shallow compared to someone who has lived it and who has lost a loved one. 

Recently, a story was shared with me about a woman, Rita Seha, whose van was hit by a drunk driver. Not only did she lose her fiance in this horrific accident, she also lost her two children, her grandson and a close family friend. She was the only one in her vehicle that survived that day! 

There was one other survivor.

You guessed it, the drunk driver!

I can't even begin to fathom the hurt, the awful pain and anger that Rita must have gone through. It hurts my heart now to even think about it. The accident happened six years ago on Memorial Day weekend. What this woman has had to endure this last six years is beyond where my mind can go.  She lost so much. They say it was one of the deadliest drunk driving accidents in Minnesota history.

Image Source:  ABC 6 News

May 17, 2015

5 Reasons You Should Kick Your Scale To The Curb!

How many times have you stepped on the scale and yelled, "you deceitful LIAR!"

My whole life I've fought with the scale. It all started right after I took my first breath and made my presence to the world. The doctor who did the delivery, put me on the scale for the official weigh-in and announced, "8 lbs. 3 oz. - WOW, she's going to be a BIG one!"   

Thanks Doctor Dick! Way to give me a weight complex a minute out of the womb! These days that weigh-in amount seems pretty average. However, in the 60's that was considered, by baby standards, a real Butterball

Maybe, if I had kicked the scale to the curb (and the doctor) at that point, I would have set a presentence from the very beginning. I could have saved years of scale hatred.  

Following, are the moments that it's right to pick up the scale and shake it, yell at it and kick it to the curb! 

May 8, 2015

The Good, Bad And Ugly Side Of Mothers

As we honor our moms this upcoming Mother’s Day, it makes me think of some childhood memories. 

As a kid, the only thing we scuffled over was where the next game of Kick The Can, Red Light/Green Light, or Captain May I was taking place. 

I also remember the game, Step On A Crack, Break Your Mothers Back.

We always tried to dodge every crack in the sidewalk, possibly thinking, by stepping on a crack you could actually break your mothers back. 

There may have been a time or two that I purposely stepped on a crack!  Yeah, don't gasp, we've all had those bitter moments. 

After a day around the neighborhood, you had to be sure you were home when the town whistle blew. 

Yes, my town had a curfew whistle. Not sure, maybe it wasn't meant for that, but that was our signal. 

May 5, 2015

Mexi Melt With Refried Beans and Avocado

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Try this simple an easy open-face sandwich with a little Mexican flair to celebrate the day. 

I'm using a 100 calorie thin bun and Amy's Organic Refried Beans

May 1, 2015

Share A Shower...With Bon Jovi?

California is in a drought and residents are being asked to conserve water. 

Just for fun and bubbles, Los Angles Entertainment News Show Dish Nation, asked people on the street, "Which Celebs Would Angelinos Shower With To Help The Drought?"  Check out what they said.

Personally, I like to shower solo! It's far from a romantic thing for me. I'm there to wash the schvitz, shampoo and shave. 

Get in and get out, then onto the rest of my beauty regimen. No Hanky Panky, just time for moisturizing, plucking and primping. 

Howeverrrr, let's just say Jon Bon Jovi stopped by with his soap on a rope and over-sized loofah and said he was a "Runaway" water conservist and it was imperative that I do my part to conserve water by showering with him. 

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