Apr 28, 2015

The Dark Side Of The Moon

As the title might imply, I’m not writing about Pink Floyd’s album "The Dark Side Of The Moon.” Nope this is a much different view of the moon.  The bare it all "moon" side of a colonoscopy. Hold on - DONT WORRY! I won't be sharing blow by blow details. 

When you reach the age of 50, a light comes on that makes you take notice of how things came to be and where things are going.  I guess, it's a perplexing moment for a midlifer.

It's interesting how a procedure like a colonoscopy can make a person reflect on their life. 

"Wow, I'm getting older!" The procedure you've dreaded and had seemed years away, is now here! The average age for a colonoscopy is at age 50. 

Mister O (my hubby) gave me permission to clarify that he was the one undergoing, what I call “the dark side of the moon” procedure.

I give him credit for making the appointment and following through. Typically, men won't go to the doctor and will delay doing this sort of thing, unless it concerns their penis!  Then they're on the horn immediately!

Having a colonoscopy is not a pleasurable procedure. You can't eat anything for 24-45 hours. You're only able to drink a concoction that forces you to spend hours on and off the porcelain pot unloading all of your undesirable innards. 

I haven't done this yet, so yeah, I was observing all this from afar with much dismay of what lies in my future. 

My role as a spouse, during all of this, I discovered was that I had become the Abbott to his Costello. Laurel to his Hardy. Curly to his Moe. I was the "Wing Man!"  

Hey, after years of marriage, you can't get through this without having a few laughs!

As the wing man, I was the one waiting patiently in the waiting room.  I had to be there as a chauffeur and to be at-hand in case of any unforeseen slip-ups.  Yikes!

Afterwards, when it's all over, the patient can feel weak, lethargic and HANGRY (hungry & angry)!! 

You need a wing man for support and a sensible driver to get you to the nearest restaurant to alleviate those hangry pangs.  (First world problems, I know). Having a sense of humor is the key point here. 

As I sit waiting and reading very outdated magazines, my whole perspective on this whole event was that we could be going through worse things. 

I mean, it’s just a colonoscopy to make sure there aren't more serious issues...like colon cancer.

Many people are actually battling cancer and other serious health issues. So right now, this is a procedure to prevent any future health concerns. 

During this time of reflection, one of those magazine headlines popped out at me. "Is This the Life You're Meant To Live?"

Yes, quite possibly, I had too much time on my hands and was feeling very "midlife" right now!  This article headline grabbed my attention and had lured me to read more. 

It was a good time for me to see this article. I've been at a crossroads with taking on new challenges in my life. One of those challenges is, just this, writing more and focusing on how this benefits me. I've had much doubt and apprehension over it. 

Here are 4 wonderful statements I got from this article. 
  1. Tune in to your innate wisdom and trust what comes forth. Free from filters of fear and doubt. Free from other people's ideas and expectations. 
  2. Approach life in an open way. 
  3. Follow your heart. The heart never lies; the head does. We can overthink,doubt and rationalize everything. Listen to your heart. 
  4. When you allow others to hold the key to your life happiness, you limit the options available to you. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith, but know that by listening to your heart and inner guidance, you can create and live the life you want. 

Deep stuff, huh?  I think this magazine was set there just waiting for me! 

If I hadn't been the "wing man" this day, I wouldn't have seen this. 

It's funny, how being a part of my husband's awkward situation had helped me to Probe my own self-doubt. 

I took it all to heart and here I am writing about it!

It was the bright light of inspiration brought forth from the dark side of the moon! Weird, I know...but whatever is needed to take that leap of faith

If I'm getting too serious at this point, then let me end this with good news!

Mister O came out to the waiting room to say that the doctor gave him a good report and that his colon test results were perfect!!

So, like a good "wing man" should do, I responded in my true "Abbott to Costello” fashion..."that's terrific, which now proves you ARE, indeed, a 'Perfect Asshole'!"  Of course, said lightheartedly and with sincere love. After years of marriage, a little jesting is allowed...if not necessary!

I noticed the lady sitting nearby who had heard me say this, couldn't help but to laugh a little! 

Her snickering confirmed, without a doubt, she could relate to me and probably knows all about "The Dark Side Of The Moon!"

Put your smile on,

Laurie O

Hey, DON'T leave without watching some 
funny stuff from Abbott and Costello! 

Feel free to share a square!

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