Apr 23, 2015

Jonesing For Trader Joe's Ginger Snaps!

How far would you go to get your favorite ginger snaps? Your favorite bean dip? Your favorite pumpernickel pretzels? Your favorite dark CHOCOLATE?

I mention these items, because these are some of my favorite products from Trader Joe's. 

I don't buy all my groceries here, but they do have some unique items and good organic choices at pretty decent prices. I travel an extra 15 miles out of my way to get some of my favorite things. 

However, I know for a fact I wouldn't travel 142 miles to get my Trader Joe's fix! Would you?

Would you think to STOCK UP on Trader Joe's array of edible selections and then sell those favorite items in a spin off store called “Pirate Joe's?"

If so, then let's say, Pirate Joe's little store becomes a big hit and develops its own customer following. Whereupon, you're making regular Trader Joe excursions to raid their shelves of those unique items just to keep the "Pirate" store stocked for all its devoted followers. 

Suddenly, Trader Joe's is onto this opportunist marketing strategy and prohibit you from shopping their store.  

However, this doesn't STOP you from disguising yourself to shop the store undercover. You even hire TJ runners to shop for the treasured goods.  

After all, Pirates can't be swash buckled or run off the plank!!!

So, now, Trader Joe's blacklisted you from getting your fave ginger snaps! Does this sound like crazy talk?

Once again, I can't make this stuff up. 

This is a true story of guy, who had moved to Canada and since they don't have Trader Joe's in Canada, he missed his favorite store so much, he did everything I mentioned. 

His story was on the CBS Sunday Morning Show and here's the full story of "Pirate Joe Raids Trader Joe's Shelves."

My first thought after seeing this story was, shiver me timbers, Trader Joe's needs to drop anchor in Canada and hire this guy as their Captain Jack, Joe or whatever!!

Trader Joe's actually sued him and his little store, but Pirate Joe WON this battle. Unlike some pirates, this guy did everything legally and on the up and up. 

He literally has no hard feelings and his love for Trader Joe's runs deep. He'd even close his Pirate Joe's store if the "Real" Joe decides to set sail in Canada!

I'll ask again...when your Jonesing for those Trader Joe's Ginger Snaps, how far would You go to get them?

Ahoy matey!  

Put your smile on,

Laurie O

Feel free to share a square!

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