Apr 11, 2015

Don't Pull My Toes!

Spring has arrived in Minnesota and sandal wearing season is nipping at our heels!  Breaking out the sandals does bring some form of excitement to us Northerners!  Time to free the toes of their winter hibernation. 

This came up in a convo with a friend of mine as we talked about pedicures and getting our feet and toes all groomed and glammed for spring. 

Photo Source: Pixabay.com

I must admit, that I absolutely cringe at the thought of ANYONE touching my feet or toes. I don't want them rubbed, I don't want them tickled and sure as hell don't want them sucked!!!! 

If your pedicurist is a toe sucker...well, that's just plain wrong! You can bet, this girl WON'T be making an appointment anytime soon.  

I do my own pedicures and toe polishing. I know most ladies LOVE to treat themselves to a pedicure at a nail salon or spa. 

My friend says she enjoys the foot soaking, lotions and foot massaging while relaxing in the big comfy chair during a salon pedicure.

As we discussed all this foot fondling, she added an interesting side note that I found somewhat alarming for my feet fearing frame of mind. She mentioned that her husband really likes it when she pulls his toes. 


Apparently, this pulling method releases some feel good euphoria. It makes a little pop and crack in the toe joints. It’s true and not so far-fetched.  If you want to learn more about the toe popping affect then read up on this EHow link “How To Pop Your Toes.”

As she continued to tell me about hubby's need for a good toe popping, I could NOT get my mind around the thought. Even as she talked about it, my toes were curling up inside my shoes. My tummy felt a little queasy and I had a heebie jeebie feeling come across my whole body. 

I know this is my weird little hang-up! We're all allowed something, right?!?

I've warned Mister O that he cannot and will not touch my feet and for Pete’s Sake don't even think about pulling my toes...it just may follow with a good swift kick. 

If this is your thing, then by all means, after a satisfying toe popping, go on and get those toes prettied up for spring!  It's sandal and flip flop time, y'all. 

Guess what? I can't even be lured into a "toe pulling" for a square of chocolate....NEVER!

Do you like your toes pulled or cracked?  Or, are you like me…stay away from my flippin' feet!!!

Put your smile on,

Laurie O

Feel free to share a square!


  1. I actually sit on my bed and crack my toes! I sort of became fascinated with it and decided to google search and see if anyone else enjoyed this and came across this post lol. I absolutely enjoy it, but can side with you on not having anyone touch my feet as that is a peeve of mine 😫🀷🏽‍♀️πŸ˜‚

    1. Yes this is fascinating Mika...especially when you goggled cracking toes and my blog story came up. Lol Hope you’ll read and be entertained by some of my other stories while sitting around cracking your toes. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚Thanks for commenting.


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