Apr 4, 2015

10 Possible Reasons Your Neighbor Is Wearing Handcuffs!

What would you think if your neighbor, a big guy standing at 6 foot 5 inches tall, was knocking at your front door wearing handcuffs?

When approaching the door, you get a peek through the window and view his little debacle. 

In a quick instant – your first thought…WTH! 

In that moment of hesitance before opening the door, one might dream up all kinds of scenarios for why he was in this particular circumstance. 

Hmmm…it’s possible he might have been:

  1. Performing a magic trick that magically found him on the wrong side of the trick.
  2. Experimenting with roasting marshmallows while hands are locked together and twirling it rotisserie style.  
  3. Rehearsing for a skit in church play as a criminal and having his sins forgiven. 
  4. Practicing his golf swing with a steel-wristed grip to gain better form. 
  5. Might have been in a sketchy Craig's List transaction gone bad.
  6. Double crossed by a pissed off lover that found out he was allergic to whipped cream.
  7. Might have been trying to master parallel parking with the skill of a Ninja. 
  8. Escaped from a cop car after stealing the rainbow from Skittles candy. 
  9. It was all fun and games until the dog ate the key.
  10. Someone told him they were friendship bracelets. 

It could happen and it DID happen to my neighbor. I couldn't possibly make this one up!

Well maybe I COULD have. 

I'll just clarify that my neighbor does work as a prison guard for a living. So, it may not be unusual that he would have stacks of handcuffs in all shapes and sizes. Maybe? Probably? I don't know, I'm just assuming!!

Having this knowledge, it still did require an explanation of his misfortune. 

I opened the door to greet him, undoubtedly, with a roar of laughter and questioning "what's up Jack?" (Not his real name).

I found out that he put the cuffs on himself with full intention of being able to take them off again with the key. 

If you guessed the dog ate the key...you'd be wrong!!!! The dog didn't swallow the key!! 

If you guessed a magic trick gone bad...you're wrong there too. 

He was rehearsing a skit (by himself) for a Church Easter Program. His part was the criminal (funny since he's a prison guard) and Jesus was to bless him and forgive his sins.  

WOW!  I thought for sure he had stolen the Skittles rainbow!!!

Jesus must NOT have been watching his back when he inadvertently put the cuffs on backwards. The plan was to be able to unlock the cuffs himself with the key.  That is, if the key hole had been facing the right direction, of course.

That's where he found himself in a pickle.  This begs the question, WWJD (What Would Jesus Do)?

At this point, he most likely, was hoping for divine intervention!!  However, with great hesitation, figured the only way to unlock his soul, was to admit his wrong-doing, face the awkward situation and receive clemency from the neighbors.

Isn’t that what neighbors are for?

So, if by some strange occurrence, your neighbor is at your door wearing handcuffs - don't be too quick to judge. Jesus just may have had a hand in it!!!

It could happen!!!

Happy Easter and remember to enjoy "a square of chocolate."

Put your smile on,

Laurie O

Feel free to share a square!


  1. Loved reading your story. What a hoot! Happy Easter.

  2. Hi Virginia! Glad you enjoyed, it made for a fun story. Good to hear from you!

  3. Oh goodness! He's lucky he has a kind and understanding neighbor! What a story!

  4. Yes we were understanding, but my hubby said he would have probably tried to figure out another way before heading to the neighbors. Haha


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