Mar 11, 2015

Mama Needs A New Pair Of Shoes, Or...A Tattoo?

I’m beginning to feel, that possibly, I'm part of a smaller group of people that does NOT have a tattoo!  I’ve considered it, but there’s so much to ponder before getting your first tattoo.   Decisiveness is not my strong suit.  New shoes? Tattoo? New shoes? Tattoo?

“Hey, Mom, if you’re reading this…I probably won’t (might) get a tattoo!” 

Like my mother really gives a crappola at this point!  I’m 50 years old for God sakes!!! 

Knowing my mom, she probably has one discretely in a place that even I don’t know about!!  Maybe she has my name scrolled inside a heart-shape and strategically placed above her heart!  Or, maybe it’s a skull and bones with my name under it.  Fess up, Mom!!

Vision and Drawing by "The Nickster"

Tattoos appear to be in style. It seems everyone and their grandma, mother, son and daughter are getting inked with their favorite piece of artwork.

My daughter got her first tattoo at age 18.  These days it seems to be this Generation's thing to do.  

Before tats, I remember when ear piercing was the rebel thing to do.  You pierced your ears with an ice cube, needle and a potato. 

Take that, Generation Y babes!  My Baby Boomer Generation did cool stuff with…. ummm, yeah, a potato?!?  That's right!  We got all crazy like that!

Except me! Even back then, I couldn’t be defiant where a root vegetable was concerned!  Wow, that's an unusual flashback!  If my dad, so much as, heard any chat of potatoes, needles and piercings, I’d be eating mashed potatoes every day straight for a year!

For me, getting a tattoo takes a lot of thought and reflection.

What kind of artwork do you want PERMANENTLY displayed on your body?

Where do you want to see it eternally and FOREVER?

My friend has a Butterfly tattoo! It has meaning and represents something special from her life experiences.  She has that emotional connection!

I’m still noodling what impressive or swanky artwork I could possibly get that would be that special and meaningful to me.

I could express my affection for my husband and have the words “Mister O” tattooed somewhere?  Nah!!!  Or, I could get my kids' names masterfully scripted. That's probably a negative! I'm sure that would get an eye roll anyway. 

I could get “A Square Of Chocolate” inked on my back side. It might be a cute blog name, but having it donned in this zone could have an alternative meaning. No worries, I won’t go there!

Not only deciding the artwork, there’s the cost, the flippin' pain of it all and then the preparation to consider! 

Seriously, so much involved - there’s research to be done, getting the right artist and planning.  It’s damn near as much prep as having a colonoscopy. Getting a tattoo is intense stuff.  Read this Link “How To Get Your First Tattoo".

Maybe the best solution is to NOT over analyze!  Just do it and hope it all turns out!  Remember though, it has to be seen and admired for the duration of your existence!

Who knows, maybe I’ll wait and get inked when I’m 80 years old.  By then, I'll be all wrinkled up and I could have a "road map" tattoo that leads to all points of interest.  Well, there you go!

Until then, I've decided I’ll just settle for a NEW pair of SHOES!

Sorry Mom, I opted against something in your symbolic likeness too!

What is your tattoo and does it have special meaning? Or, are you like me...undecided?  I'd love to hear your comments!

Put your smile on,
Laurie O


  1. I have three, technically four. I got my first one when I was 20 without thinking about it (a sunshine). I have since covered it up with the State of Minnesota shape (heart where Minneapolis is). I then got 5 super simple "v" shaped flying birds on my back shoulder to represent me and my sisters. And then all of my sisters and I got arrow tattoos with a roman numeral of what birth order we are. I think I'm done. I always wanted a sleeve, but my husband has informed me I'm too old for that! ; ) Shoes are good, too!!

  2. Ya see, the bird and arrow idea is really cool! Great thing to share with your sisters. Sweet connection :)


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