Mar 28, 2015

I've Fallen and, That's Right...I Did Get Up!

Most of us have experienced that unexpected slip and fall moment at some point in our lifetime. 

You feel embarrassed. You feel clumsy. You feel ridiculous. 

As long as no one is hurt, it can be an amusing blooper. 

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Our winters here in Minnesota can cause an upswing of slip and falls!  Between snow and ice, we've learned to do the shuffle walk, skate walk, penguin walk and the slow mo step and glide walk.

Then just when you think you feel pretty solid on two feet, you're slipped up, tripped up or flipped up!  

Sometimes it's a complete mystery that you find yourself spread-eagle with feet flying northward and your rear-end in a dicey direction. 

What the hell! Where did that crack in the walkway come from? How did that puddle suddenly appear?  Come on, who put a wall there?

Of course, after a slip or trip, the first instinct is to quickly jump up, gain your ground, gain your dignity and hope for zero witnesses!

If someone does rush to your assistance, you're quickly hiding your embarrassment to respond with a confident..."I'm ok, I'm ok." Maybe hide your clumsiness with a chuckle and make the excuse that you were looking for dropped change. 

Hopefully, there are no injuries, maybe just a bruised ego! If you're able to spring back to your upright position without an observer, you'll probably laugh it off and pretend it never happened. 

The other day, I was in my car at a busy intersection waiting at a traffic light. I looked over and noticed a twenty-something young man walking and approaching the corner crosswalk. 

In the middle of his stride was a small hill with freshly fallen snow and just like that, he found himself flat on his back. He probably plowed a mound of snow up his shirt and his arms and legs were sprawled out like a bear rug on the sidewalk. 

He quickly rose to his feet and with a baffled look, gazed at that little snow hill. Most likely, he was pondering…when did snow get so damn slick?!?

I saw the whole thing and when he finally realized that others may have seen his plunge, he looked in my direction. I quickly turned the other way. 

I admit, once I saw he was fine, I did giggle recalling the whole image.  However, I didn't think I'd further his embarrassment by letting him know that I saw his slip and slide show. In fact, I noticed once he regained his cool, he was laughing at himself. 

Think about it, we find fumbles and tumbles laughable!  We've laughed at comedy skits with this kind of fall on your face humor. It never gets old. That's why watching other people’s foibles on the show America'sFunniest Videos is such a knee-slapper. 

Heck, as a kid, I was running down a hill and fell face first into a cow pie!  This is NOT a loaded CRAP story either. Literally, it was...poo, dung, manure, a meadow muffin, or whatever you want to call it. 

Thankfully, I don't remember much about the whole ordeal, but I DO KNOW, I was the laughing stock at the campground that day!!  

Frankly, I do believe, this had to be the day I developed a sense of humor!!  I had to rise above the PILE of shame and carry on. 

Some falls are not what they seem at all. 

A while back, Mister O (hubby) had just completed his certification in first aid and CPR. The ink on the certificate hadn't even dried when he had his SUPER HERO moment! 

He was driving down the road and noticed an elderly man on a riding lawn mower. 

Mister O had somewhat of an obstructed view, due to the hedge that lined the guys yard. Yet, what he saw was the elderly man starting from a sitting position on his lawn mower to falling off and disappearing from sight behind the hedges.   Mister O's immediate reaction was – did this guy just have a heart attack?

Here was his opportunity to use his newfound saving skills and fly in for the RESCUE

Grabbing his cape with a man of steel stance, he ran at full speed with one leaping bound over the hedges. 

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Alright, there may not have been a cape, but let's just say he really DID think he was the man of steel and about to save this old man’s life. 

Just when he came in for a SUPERMAN landing, the old guy was scuffling to his feet. 

They both looked at each other in a state of puzzlement. The old man, completely surprised, says "who are you?"

Eagerly responding, "I'm Superman Mister O and I thought you were in distress."  "I saw you fall off your mower." "Are you alright, sir?"

The man snickers and reveals, "well...I have this old bum leg and the only way I can get off this big machine is by doing a drop and roll maneuver." "I assure you, I'm just fine."

Mister O flew walked away somewhat disappointed that day. It wasn't the big "save" he had hoped to accomplish. 

Personally, I thought it was dang humorous and I'm glad the old guy didn't need to be rescued!!! 

Even now, I’m thinking back and wondering, where was my SUPER HERO guy when I was about to do a full face digger into a cow pie?!?

I'm pretty sure somewhere in the UNIVERSE, some CAPED CRUSADER is still laughing his a** off about that one!!!

It could happen!

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

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