Feb 12, 2015

Please Don't Bring Me Flowers

I have mixed feelings on receiving flowers. Don't get me wrong, I’m not a flower snob - I do like flowers and I’m sure with Valentine’s Day approaching, many ladies and guys will be receiving their usual V day bouquets and chocolates. 

Commercialism has made our significant others think this is a perfectly romantic thing to do on this day. 

I received these dark chocolate covered strawberries for my birthday last year...SCORE, because you know how I feel about chocolate!  I was so excited about it that I gobbled one up before taking this picture!

If instead, Mister O had showed up with flowers for me, I wouldn't toss them out or hand them back and say,

Why, why do you give these flowers, you overly gallant sap?"

Of course NOT!  After all, it is a kind gesture!  On the other hand, do we have high expectations on this whole flower giving ritual for Valentine's Day?

Personally, I don’t need to have the usual Valentine’s flowers.  Maybe on Valentine’s Day we should try to think outside the chocolate box.  Perhaps what we really want is “quality time” spent with our, so called, Valentine "be mine" sweeties.  Here's a quick list of 5 simple flower averting ideas.

  1. How about a Sunday drive?  I remember a day when this was actually cheap entertainment.  Really no destination, just the open road and see where the sites take you.  Read a previous article “Sunday Road Trip” and you’ll see what I mean.  It could turn into a real adventurous day! *wink, wink*
  2. Go to a cheap movie night.  Sometimes it’s nice to stay in and watch Netflix, but actually get your bums off the couch and go out to a movie theater, hold hands and spend some time together.
  3. Head to the mall for a stroll together – maybe even spring for a Cinnabon, take a seat on a bench and people watch.  The cast of characters at the mall can be very entertaining!  You might even be one of 'em!
  4. Check out any free events in your community and actually get out and do it.  So many times I’ve said, “Oh I’d really like to go see that.”  Well, just do it already! Reference article“Need to Get Out More.”
  5. Prepare a simple home cooked meal together. Head to the grocery store, pick up your meal ingredients and one person cooks the main course and the other can make the dessert!  What ya think - team effort!
What are we really celebrating on Valentines’ Day?  I know candy and flowers are a charming way to tell our loved ones – “hey, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten…I STILL LOVE you!”  I guess, since a year has passed from the last Valentine’s Day, we tend to forget and need a day to be reminded of that?!? 

In my opinion, hold the flower expense. It wouldn't break my heart if the idea was ditched.  Since I’m the chief cook and bottle washer at my house, it REALLY makes me happy when I have a meal cooked special for me!  It wouldn't hurt if the the kitchen cupids cleaned up too! These thoughtful sweet nuggets are meaningful and says “I Love You” all over it! 

Then again, I could tolerate a box of those chocolate covered strawberries any day of the year!! Yeah baby!

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

Feel free to share a square!


  1. The rule about Valentine's Day in our house is that the gift has to be homemade. I do love flowers, but prefer to see what my husband and kids come up with on their own!

  2. Yes, agree, isn't homemade the best! It's especially fun to see what kids create. Those are keepers and last longer than flowers, just sayin'!! Hope it's a sweetheart of a day for you!

  3. Cooking together...that sounds wonderful. My husband works every evening this weekend, so we're sort of skipping Valentine's Day this year, but honestly, if I could choose how to celebrate it, I'd pick a homemade peanut butter cup blizzard and a couple episodes of Homeland. How romantic, right? (-:

  4. Whaaaat? You had me at peanut butter cup blizzard! Sounds fantastic! If your hubby works evenings, maybe a daytime thing. You'll figure out something romantic especially if it includes that blizzard treat!

  5. I love to celebrate Valentine's Day as a celebration of love, and your ideas are great. My local florist up north where the winter weather is unpredictable hates Valentine's Day because if we have a snowstorm, she can lose money.

    1. I'm thinking florists wouldn't like my suggestion of ditching the flowers. With the exception of winter getting in the way, it's probably a big day for business. Thank you Shari for the love and your comments ;)

  6. I am an anything but flowers woman. I hate them. With a deep and abiding passion :-) I know it can be blasphemy but they just feel like another thing to care for in my life :-)

    1. Lol Carla! I hear ya - sometimes they sit in a vase completely dead for waaaay too long, before I finally remember to dump them. :0


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