Jan 30, 2015

When Life Gives You 100 Years...Make Lemonade!

The familiar saying, of course, is…when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  I must say, though, if anyone lives to 100 years and beyond, they most definitely turned their lemons into some awesome lemonade and deserve to celebrate with a nice cool glass of it, as well.  

These days we're living longer and getting the chance to enjoy it fully and positively.  I was recently inspired by a local news story of a 100 year old woman who teaches exercise class at her senior living community.  Now, there’s a lady that turned her lemons into lemonade.  Watch her inspiring story and what motivates her.  She mentions, that her motto is, “moderation, attitude and gratitude."  Love it.  Click here for the whole interview.

This is a great motto to live by, but additionally, if you’re blessed with good family DNA it could avoid having your lemon picked before its time.

My family lemon tree has some genuine longevity and I’m banking on my DNA not denying me of my big glass of earned lemonade! 

Not long ago, my grandmother celebrated her 96th birthday and, unbelievably, her mother lived to be a wonderful age of 104.  See, told ya, good DNA!  My parents are just kids compared to this, so I’m depending on them being around for awhile too!  They eat healthy, live a positive lifestyle and definitely turn life’s lemons into lemonade!

This positive attitude doesn’t fall far from the lemon tree, not just with me, but with my kids, as well. In fact, when my daughter was in 6th grade, her class was given a project to write their life story, which included their own obituary. Yes, really, their OWN obit! I thought this was the most unusual project for a 6th grader. If you've never read an obituary written in the spirit of a 12 year old, then let me fill you in.  

Her obituary read that she had her own successful designing TV show, which included designing a fabulous dream home. She had 3 wonderful daughters and married the man of her dreams. This all sounds about right if I were forecasting my perfect life. However, the best part of this obituary, was that she held the world record for being the longest living person at 118 years old! 

The sunniness doesn't end there. Of course, not only did she live a long and dreamy 118 years, but she died peacefully in her sleep with a smile on her face! Yes, a SMILE on her face! 

Well...I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm thinking she must've had some pretty fantastic lemonade!

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

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