Jan 4, 2015

Rubbing Elbows With a Comedian

Mister O (my husband) believes a night at a comedy show makes for a great date night. I agree, I'm a fan! If I'm laughing and he's paying, then it's a win win date night!  So, the idea was thrown out there for celebrating New Year's Eve at the comedy club...sure why not!

We reserved the tickets for Joke Joint Comedy Club a few days prior to New Year's Eve and thought we beat the celebration rush and had our spot reserved!  When we arrived and got our seat assignment, we were a bit disappointed that it was a line of stools pushed up against the wall with a teeny tiny table set in between our two stools. Not exactly what we had hoped for, but it's a comedy club, not a fancy restaurant, so it'll have to do.  "Mister O" didn't agree and he dashes over to the ticket office to knock some heads together and get a table with better seating. Kidding on the knocking heads part!!

Meanwhile, there was a gentleman already sitting in a stool next to mine and he looked
pretty uncomfortable in his spot - crammed in the corner up against the wall. I'm examining my area and thinking how was I going to wiggle myself comfortably into my spot without invading this guy's space.  I maneuvered my way in, sitting so close, we were literally rubbing elbows.

When you're rubbing elbows with a stranger, it might be appropriate to make eye contact and introduce yourself. I'm not shy about this, so we share some polite conversation. He kindly makes small talk and since it is New Year's Eve, he remarks, "so, how was your year?"  Well, like I said, I'm not shy, so the flood gates open and he gets an earful about my kids - one graduating and other in high school ...yadda yadda!  As we're talking, I'm looking at him and suddenly realize, this guy is the Headliner Comedian of the show that night. I recognized him from his picture I saw on the club's website.

I think to myself, shouldn't he be hanging out in some back room where comedians prepare their funny stuff? Instead, he's sitting on a stool crammed up in the corner talking to me.  Whatever the reason, I did manage to say, "so you're in the show, huh?!?"  He seemed a bit surprised that I outed him, but he acted pretty laid-back and we managed a few laughs about the whole thing.

At this time, "Mister O" returns with a new seating assignment at a real table - I guess the head knocking worked. Haha!  I told Mr. Comedian good luck with the show and we moved on.

When Mr. Comedian took the stage that night, to my surprise, the "rubbing elbows" must have made an impression.  He managed to work our whole quirky moment and my kiddo rambling into a funny bit for his routine. I sat back quietly chuckling and thinking, well that's clever and pretty awesome!  I think it was the first time, to my knowledge, that I had served as comedic material for a stand up routine!! Yeah, it was a great date night!

By the way, Joke Joint is a fun comedy spot, gave great service and, turns out, there really isn't a bad seat in the place!!

Laughter and "a square of chocolate" makes a great date...just sayin'.

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

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