Jan 23, 2015

Do You Have A Chocolate Stash?

I really do have a stash of chocolate in my fridge and not because of the "possible" chocolate shortage. I just like my chocolate chilled! Notice it's right next to the pea pods, carrots and hummus. No, I didn't strategically place those there for this picture!  I call this "MY" drawer, as my kids and Mister O usually don't find this drawer interesting or even important to them. 

My daughter hates chocolate!  Since she's away at college, anyway, she won't be eyeballing "MY" drawer. However, she's a healthy eater and loves celery and peanut butter.  That's great!

Mister O is not much of a chocolate lover either, especially not the dark stuff, so no worries for me there. Also, I've never noticed him loading up on carrots, pea pods and, certainly, not hummus when packing his work lunch. He needs to get better at eating healthier!

My son is a chocolate lover, but not the dark kind, so I may not catch his eager little fingers on my chocolate stash anytime soon, either!  However, he's coming around on eating healthier and choosing more wisely. I'm confident he'll come to my "DARK" side, eventually!

So, for now, my stash is safe for just me, myself and I. Which is a good thing, because dark chocolate with 70% cacao or more has some great health benefits!

Six reasons to eat dark chocolate:

  1. Dark chocolate is good for your heart.
  2. Dark chocolate is good for your brain.
  3. Dark chocolate helps control blood sugar.
  4. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants.
  5. Dark chocolate contains Theobromine.
  6. Dark chocolate is high in vitamins and minerals.
If you'd like to read more details on these 6 great health reasons, here is the link to fitday.com for more information.

I have Ghirardelli today, but my stash rotates around between Theo Organic and Trader Joe's dark chocolate. Here's a link to The Best and Worst Brands according to healthyeater.com.  I'll have to try some of these too!!

I'm so glad my food stash is a healthy one!  Hope you have a healthy one and can enjoy "a square of chocolate" too!

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

Feel free to share a square!

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