Jan 9, 2015

Celebrities On Bikini Holiday

If you click on any one of these articles, you'll get a dose of celebrities in bikinis.  If you're even interested there's Christie Brinkley workin’ a bikini during family vacay, Jennifer Aniston on celeb-filled Cabo trip, Tara Reid enjoys bikini filled holiday vacation.

After seeing all these bikini vacations, I feel a little schleppy. What gives - where are these people from?  Ohhh the life of a celebrity…looks pretty good from all their pictures.   

If I rocked a bod like these ladies, I may flaunt it too!  It’s their prerogative.  Even though I don’t have the perfect bod, it would still be my prerogative to do a bikini if I wanted!!  I envy people who have that comfort level.

What we have to realize, though, is that Christie, Jennifer, Tara and other hot celebs put on their bikini bottom one leg at a time like everyone else!  They contend with hairy legs, hairy armpits and other unmentionables.  They deal with bad hair day decisions…up, down, pony or screw it, I'm wearing a hat. They have bony feet, big feet, bunions and warts.  They also have insecurities – too fat, too thin, big butt, flat butt, flawed complexion and you get the idea here.

I have many of these insecurities too – so, you see, we’re no different!!  The only difference between me and those bikini wearing celebrities are constructed good looks, money and a great vacation spot.  DAMN IT!! Yep, I'm schleppy!

Here is my beach holiday in Minnesota (Brrrr) – excluding the bikini, of course.  I forgot to shave!!

Bikini or no bikini, enjoy your vacation with "a square of chocolate" and link up to this fun song to get you in the mood by  Zac Brown Band "Toes" video. 

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

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