Jan 6, 2015

Avocado Stuffed WithTuna Salad

Have I told you I'm an avocado lover?

You might love them or you might hate them - I know my family scrunches their nose up at them.  Not sure why, maybe because it's the green thing or a texture thing. Personally, I like to just slice it up, season and eat as is.  Also, I put it in smoothies, on sandwiches, or cut in half and fill the middle of an avocado half with whatever goodies you want...seriously everything is better with avocado!!

Avocados have great health benefits too.  Check out these great links to 19 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Avocado and 12 Proven Benefits of Avocado.

Single Serving

  • Single pouch tuna package
  • Black olives chopped 
  • Pickled pepperoncini or chopped dill pickles
  • 2 tsp Newman's Lite Sundried Tomato dressing or any other fave dressing
  • Season with salt & pepper

Mix all tuna salad ingredients in a small bowl. Cut avocado in half and save the other half with the pit for another time.  I put a little lemon juice on exposed avocado and store in a container. It usually keeps for a day or two, but should use before it gets too brown. If it is a little brown, I just slice it off with a pairing knife and the rest is still good. 

Spoon out a larger cavity from your avocado half and fill it with the tuna salad mix. I just put the extra avocado off to the side with any overflowing tuna salad and serve with your fave crackers!

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