Jan 19, 2015

Are You a “True” Fan? The Road To The Super Bowl!

If you’re here to read about football stats, quarterback plays or any football jargon, in general, then this isn’t the place.  This little blog bit is more about my observation of the fans and their steel-clad commitment to their team.

Sunday’s game between Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks brought me out to actually watch this game, which typically - I wouldn’t, since I’m a Minnesota girl and a Minnesota Viking fan.  However, I have a friend who is a die-hard Packer fan.  Yes, I said friend!  She supports her team with resilient loyalty and she’s not even from Wisconsin! WTH!  I’ll give her credit, she’s backed this team ever since she was a young girl when watching football with her dad and brothers.  That’s some real commitment!!

Source: Inquisitr.com

I, on the other hand, didn’t grow up watching football.  My Viking fanship was conceived by partaking in football watching bar parties as a twenty-something year old and getting caught up in the spirit with the true football fans!  I admit I knew nothing about football; I was just there for the beer, nachos and to meet guys!  That’s what you did as a twenty-something gal!!  Since then, I’ve married a “true” Viking fan (Mister O) and we’ve raised two little Viking fans and I’ve come to really enjoy watching the game.

So, when my GB Packer friend asked if we’d come out to watch the Packer-
Seahawks NFC Championship game, I had no problem agreeing to this as long as there was going to be Bloody Mary’s, beer and nachos!  I mean really, football, food and friends, that’s what matters, right? However, Mister O only agreed, because since the Vikings failed us, once again, he would eagerly cheer for the Seahawks.  You see, a true Viking fan would NEVER support the Packers!

Besides my die-hard Packer friend, there were also a few groups of other Packer fans taking up residence in a little section of the bar.  Not surprising, since we border Wisconsin, so I had expected some transplants and predicted we’d be in a mix of green and gold.  In addition to Mister O, there were other Viking fans there in full support of the Seahawks and hoping to see Green Bay bomb!!  I didn’t care much, I was just happy with my Bloody Mary and did I mention…nachos?!?!

Source:  kplu.org
As a late bloomer football fan, I observed that the long-time genuine fans have such a profound connection to their team and they’re much more enthusiastic to dish out smack talk and the stink eye!  They also, spiritedly, dress-up, bead-up, paint-up and cheese head-up to show off their colors and pride.  I admit I’ve gotten caught up in some of this behavior when the Vikings were a Super Bowl hopeful…once upon a time!  Yeah, that’s a different story!

Source:  sbnation.com
Needless to say, if you follow football, you know how this game ended.  Green Bay Packers lost that game disappointing their fans, which from a Minnesota perspective, they finally feel the disappointment that only us “Viking fans” can relate to!! Not my Packer friend though, she took it like a true fan would – “well, it was a good game and I’m just happy that we made it this far.”  In fact, after the game, these rebel rousing fans of past were now consoling one another and giving mutual hugs of sympathy. 

And, those die-hard Viking fans, you guessed it…they walked away with a smile and aspirations for a Super Bowl next year!!  What? It could happen! Like a “true” fan would say, “I’m stickin’ by my team!” 

Then there’s, me, I was just happy to be having fun with friends, enjoying a Bloody Mary and, yup, those nachos!

In case you’re wondering, spoken by a “true” chocolate fan, of course I ended the day with “a square of chocolate!”    By the Way, GO VIKINGS!!  Green Bay Packers - SUCK IT!!  Sorry, J.L.  Love ya! ;-)

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

Feel free to share a square!


  1. I got purple blood from my dad :P. Once a viking always a viking. Great game seahawks ;)

  2. Yes you did!!! Seahawks for Super Bowl 2015! Next year Vikes!!

  3. Great article Laurie!...I like your style, humorous, articulate and informative. I just subscribed to your blog feeds.

  4. Thanks Anna!! I appreciate your feedback. You were actually the first blogger that inspired me! I saw your site on Bloglovin', so I started following you there.


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