Dec 1, 2014

No Plastic Surgery for This Dog!

Anyone who has taken a selfie knows, of course, you want the best angle and look for your selfie shot.  You certainly, don't want the up the nose shot, double chin or the massive head shot.  Even Lucy wanted her best side for her selfie.

Hard to believe, but I guess the selfie craze has actually shown an increase in plastic surgery.  What the what?  I read this article (check it out) and couldn't believe the measures people are taking for a good selfie!!  Nose jobs, eyelid lifts and hair transplants...oh my!

My goodness, forget the surgery!  Just live healthy, have fun, love yourself and put on your best smile or your goofy face.  Yep, that's it!  If nothing else...think good thoughts and have "a square of chocolate."  

By the way, no animals were harmed taking this selfie!!  Lucy actually got a treat after. Ha!

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