Dec 10, 2014

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

I had to giggle when I saw this cartoon and, I must say, I’ve never gotten this response before. Pretty sure my husband knows better!  However, who hasn’t felt this way at one time or another? 

Heck, I’ve learned to not even ask the question in the first place!!  Ya know, that question “does this make me look fat?” question.  Unless, you really want to hear the frank truth or possibly a sugar-coated one, because the hubby really wants to avoid any and all further anguish, then I find it’s best to just not ask anymore.  My bet would be, most women want to hear the sugar-coated version.

Rather than taking a crap shoot risk on what the answer will be, how about turning that self-deprecation into some good positive self-talk!  I know it’s not easy to do, especially when there are days you look in the mirror and wonder what lagoon is this creature from?  We’ve all been there…I’m sure of it!

Honestly, my husband is pretty nice about giving me compliments.  On the other hand, if your significant other doesn’t dole out the nicety’s well, then I’d just make a point of telling your mate that they’re damn lucky to be with someone who is so smokin’ hot!!  I’m sure they’ll agree!!

After that, enjoy “a square of chocolate” and tell yourself too!

Put your smile on,
Laurie O

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